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by » Fri May 22, 2020 05:26 pm

I was one of the 2% who had a Windows phone and used it for years.  My only complaint was that I wanted a good chess game on it and there wasn't enough memory.  When we switched carriers they gave us brand new Samsungs with Android.  The Windows were so much more intuitive than Android, or maybe that was because the Windows phone was set up so much like a computer and of course, I was used to that.  It's extremely rare that I use my cell-phone for anything except GPS, the rare phone call, texting, and yes, I did find a very good chess game for it, which I use about every day.  I almost never use it for the internet.  I hate the way it works for internet and I hate that tiny screen.

I'll always be a computer guy too.  I watch tons of movies and videos, documentaries and stuff on it, play games on it, communicate on it through FaceBook.  I wouldn't want to do all that stuff on a screen the size of my hand.  Of course, I don't think most people ask as much of their phones as I do my computer.  As for throwing phones away instead of fixing them, the rare experiences I've had with them makes it kind of understandable.  You have to charge so much to fix one that it's not that much more expensie to upgrade to a more advanced model.  I changed a cracked screen on one, which was a big enough problem, and my camera quit working.  (I never use it anyway.)  Then I noticed on the old cracked screen, a tiny black speck about the size of a fleck of pepper.  It was a micro-semiconductor, essential apparently, for the camera to work.  It had stuck to the old screen.  A guy who does work on them installed a program that made the camera work without it.  I'm clearly in over my head with cell-phone repair.

I would have thought you were too far away from civilization to use that scooter much.  I'd figure that after sitting with gasoline in it for 15 years, it's probably turned to something like varnish.  I don't know what you'd use to get it cleaned out but I've been told it's quite a chore.  It reminds me of a Honda 70 I used to have.  I had a ball on that thing.  John

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by » Fri May 22, 2020 01:10 pm

I will always have a computer! You know I have siad I hate "smart phones". THey really are just stupid screens that need the internet to do much. Eh. As to just tossing a phone, that is so sadly wasteful. We are using phones that were made in 2011 and 2013 (plus windows phones, so no viruses I am aware of - either way I do not use "apps").

Do you have a motorcycle?

I bought a Kymco Scooter in 2000 and used it for a while. It has sat in my garage and was only used for a brief period here. It has only about 800 miles on it too. What a waste. But, it has no governor on the motor so get up to 50mph. THis is what it looks like (but mine is green)


I know the battery is long dead, and it needs to go to a repair place since it has sat with gas in it for what, 15 years? If I EVER find someplace here that will work on it I may get it in shape and consider using it again or selling it.

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by » Thu May 21, 2020 05:12 pm

The Golden Corral here is/was really good and fairly busy.  A few places like that and Denny's tried to do take-out but they're not really built for that and both stopped and closed entirely.  There are rumors that Golden Corral will close for good but I wouldn't think they'd have to unless this goes on a lot longer.  KFC always has long lines at the drive-up.

I did get the stimulus check.  That alone took care of more than a month worth of bills.  The food helps too, especially in feeding the grandkids who eat about their own weight in food every day.  At one point, we had 5 and a half gallons of milk in the refrigerator!  We had to ask the lady to skip us for a week, which she did, but sure enough, they went through it all.  I abhor wasting food but the grandkids are good for making sure we don't.

With the computer market being what it is now, going so much to cell-phones, most of the computer work out there is for larger businesses, which are largely taken care of by larger computer businesses, which is why I no longer work at the shop.  There just wasn't enough personal work to keep me busy and the shop was able to take care of the businesses without me.  Most of my specialty was in digging out viruses, spyware, malware and stuff like that and while it's still out there, it's just not the problem it used to be.  I checked into cell-phone repair but it's not really cost effective.  Most people just get a new phone through their carrier and pay for it with their monthly bills.

One of my jobs at the computer shop was taking an air compressor and blowing the dust out of computers.  It was extraordinary how much dust would come out of the things, and I had a pack of masks because it sometimes took longer than I could hold my breath!  I have one left and I'll probably never use it.

I just paid the car off the other day which is one bill we won't have to worry about from now on.  If this doesn't go on for more than a couple of months we should be OK, and the band is absolutely determined to start working within a month.  Our first job should be June 11, outdoors at a Harley dealership. Being outdoors, I hope people don't holler much about it.  We'll see.  John

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by » Wed May 20, 2020 04:40 pm

We used to have a Golden Corral in Helena, but they closed a LONG time ago (I think something like 2005). The KFC we had here also closed (perhaps 2014), which was too bad because I did have a few lunches there as well.

It is great that you get all that free food though! That helps some I would think.

I also do nto eat a lot of meat but am not a vegitarian.

Did you get a stimulas check?

For side work, could you do computer work again like you used to? People always need help with computers, no? You could do the work at the customer's home with a mask and gloves or pick up and drop off the computer?


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by » Wed May 20, 2020 04:32 pm

If there's anything I do miss, it's going out to eat.  I'm not that worried about fast-foods but I miss the occasional buffet.  Golden Corral always has good stuff.  So does Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I probably eat healthier at those places than I do at home or anywhere else. I won't eat KFC take-out though.  Too expensive for too little.  As far as food goes, I've never had so much food in my life!  A lady next door works at a church that gives away food and she knows I usually have 3 kids here, so she brings over all kinds of food.  I've told her we really don't need that much but she explained that it's all donated and if they don't give it away, it gets wasted.  The school knows we have 3 kids so they drop off 3 school lunches, 5 days a week.  They deliver it from the school bus.  Aside from the school lunches, nobody gives away meat so we still buy that.  I don't eat as much meat as most people but I haven't been able to go completely vegetarian.  We still buy sugar, ketchup, tea, cereal and stuff like that but not much else.

As far as money goes, I never made much but when you don't make any at all, it sure comes home how much you spend!  Bills like electricity, water, gas, cable and internet, the phone, all have to come out of a rapidly hemmoraging bank account.  We don't waste much but it won't last forever.  Hope I get back to work before it's all gone! John

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by » Tue May 19, 2020 09:11 pm

I am at a loss on the whole thing.

I admit I do't wear a mask to go to my PO box (there may be one person in the PO box area). I do when I go to a store as there are people around.

Beyond that, and mom, it has not affected me much. I work alone, drive alone and that has not changed. I only shope once a week... Oh, it did affect me in that I was buying groceries and supplies for older friends for a couple of months.

I do not go out to eat, so that did not hit me either.I hope that places you get work at open at least partially soon!

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