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by » Wed May 27, 2020 04:22 pm

The drummer first noticed it about 6 days after I last saw him and I think he's known about it for 5 or 6 days now.  We won't be getting together for a couple of weeks.  Our first scheduled job is 15 days away.  John

re: Pressure Cooker

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by » Wed May 27, 2020 02:39 pm

I saw the video of the Lake Of The Ozarks and it was crowded, though I bed not as crowded as last year. Yup, all seemed to be youngen's. That sense of immortality is why when someone asks me "if you could be 18 again would I want to be" and I always say "Only if I can NOT retain my wisdom". My assumption si that I would be ostracized by my peers because of my behavior of being cautious. Everyone would say "Lets jump off this cliff into the sea!" and I would say "Are you nuts? We can kill or hurt ourselves!". Ahh, to be unwise again and discover all the fun ways to kill myself! ;)

Lets hope the virus is not like Chcken Pox and when you are older if you had it you get something like shingles. ALl the youngun's will be sorry.

I am somewhere in the middle on how I behave about the virus. I wear a mask in stores, not because I want to, because others want me to. Does it protexct me or them? Who knows. I do not wear one when I pump my gas or go to my PO Box or in Church (though about 1/4 of the people at my Church wear one - I don't because of how they have us all spread out, no one is closer than 10 or 15' apart). I do wear gloves when I go out and I bleach spray and wipe down all things I put in my car.


Sorry about your drummer! How long has he had it now? Hopefully his wife does not get it too. Don't go visit them!

Pressure Cooker

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by » Tue May 26, 2020 04:57 pm

I think the lid's blown off the pressure cooker, figuratively speaking.  Out of habit I checked a beach cam in Florida every day.  One day it was busy, then they locked everything down.  For weeks there was no one.  Suddenly a couple of weeks ago, it was busy again.  Although there were a lot of people, it is of course, a huge beach.  There were groups of 3 or 4 people but those groups were yards apart.

Last weekend they opened the bars down on the Lake Of The Ozarks, and it was nuts.  Huge numbers of people all crowded together.  Of course, it was all 20 somethings who still have that sense of immortality.  It was far more crowded than usual, so it was partly that sense of being indestructible and partly a revolt against the way things have been.

Yesterday my drummer texted that he officially tested positive for the virus.  He'd been working from home on a computer but he wasn't particularly worried or careful in his everyday activities.  He said his symptoms were sinus headaches, chills and a fever of about 100, which went down after 3 days.  He's stuck at home for 2 weeks now, along with his wife who can't go to work at a big chicken processing plant.

One of the distressing things about all this, is that people's opinion of the virus seems to be directly tied to their political beliefs.  Liberals and conservatives take completely opposite views of it, and there just doesn't seem to be anyone out there with an objective or moderate view of it.  The news media has everyone so polarized that no one knows for sure what to believe, so they tend to believe what they want to.  There are even rumors about why people are dying.  Supposedly, if someone dies in a car wreck and they test positive for the virus, it gets marked down as virus related.  I have no idea whether stuff like this is true or not, and I sure wouldn't trust the news to tell me.  One side would tell me it's true and the other would tell me it's not.  I loved that video you posted a while back, and passed it around on FaceBook.  There wasn't one thing that lady said that I hadn't heard before from opposing sources.  It's no wonder people don't know what to believe.  John

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