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Happy Birthday David and Nova

re: Happy Birthday David and Nova

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by » Tue Jun 30, 2020 04:59 pm

I roll around too much for her to sleep on me.  I used to have one that liked sleeping on my hip, and if I rolled over slowly enough, she managed to stay on till it was the other hip.  Last night, as per usual, Van Gogh curled up right in my face again.  She won't actually be touching my face, but her head is laying on my arm and her paws are against my chest.  I'm really glad she trusts me so much.

Tim, I guess no news is good news.  I'm so glad you took your cats in, rather than letting them be put out on the street, and I know they're happy about it too.

Peggy, around here, it's a strange mix of some people being very careful and most people not  being careful at all.  Kansas City has been sending out confusing and contradictory messages about what their rules are going to be, so I have no real idea what I'm up against there.  Just don't you get sick!  John

re: Happy Birthday David and Nova

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by » Mon Jun 29, 2020 08:53 pm

APollo likes to sleep on my chest with his head nestled at my neck. SOmetimes when I wake in the middle of the night I feel smothered and hot from him! I try to not push him off and opt to get him to go on his own accord. Andromeda sleeps on/between my legs and often Apollo AND Andromeda will be on me all night.

re: Happy Birthday David and Nova

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by » Mon Jun 29, 2020 08:52 pm

Hi David yes the covid numbers are going up but I live close to Great Smoky Mts National Park which is a big tourist thing and most people I see in Knoxville are not wearing masks I do even though it is uncomfortable. Its hard to believe how old the cats are in my house to Rosie my grandfathers cat that his daughters were going to put on the street when he passed is now 15 and I have had her since Aug 2008 she has went blind this month but she still eats good and gets around ok. Happy birthdays to Andie and Apollo now to. And hi again to John and Peggy everybody here take care and I will post when anything happen or occassionally if nothing is going on here which is a good thing like Peggy said. Tim

re: Happy Birthday David and Nova

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by » Mon Jun 29, 2020 04:40 pm

It's still about 75 in the mornings here and I'm sure it'll be a long time before it gets any cooler.

Most nights I start out in bed on my left side, and for a while now, the cat has been curling up in my face to sleep.  Usually before I wake up she's gone but lately, she's been staying there much longer, and I have to carefully roll over while she's there.  Not very easy to do without disturbing her.  John

re: Happy Birthday David and Nova

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by » Mon Jun 29, 2020 01:57 pm

Hi Tim,

How are you doing? Is COVID increasing there?


THanks all for the birthday wishes. I find it hard to believe Nova and Orion are 17 now and tomorrow Andie and Apollo will be 16! WHere does time go?

It was a pleasant weekend over all, but one of the cats woke me Saturday/Sunday morning about 1am while they threw up. I was not able to get back to sleep after cleaning it up. Oh well. ANd it is cool today. It was about 45 on the way to work. Brrrrr.

re: Happy Birthday David and Nova

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by » Sat Jun 27, 2020 04:47 pm

Hey Tim and Peggy, glad you both dropped in, and indeed, happy birthday to David and Nova!  Tim, glad to hear the crew is doing OK.  John

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