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Poor cats....

re: Poor cats....

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by » Fri Sep 18, 2020 01:06 pm

My couch is perfectly comfortable, for about 10 minutes...and then it's not.  About a third of this house has a concrete floor, (covered in carpet) and about 2 thirds is wood, (also covered in carpet).  I wish the whole house had been done with concrete as the wood flooring is starting to weaken.  The wood floors were built far too close to the ground.  There's not even a crawlspace underneath.  I'm a carpet man myself, (it's warmer in the winter and easier on the feet) but in rooms with a lot of water, washer, bathroom and kitchen, tile is probably best.  Something is going to leak sooner or later.  John

Poor cats....

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by » Fri Sep 18, 2020 03:52 am

Well, remember the flood damage we had in the spring from the washer? It is FINALLY being repaired now! They started yesterday, ripping out the carpeting and such. Wow, it is scary how mych dust, dirt, dead skin accumulates under it! It was scary! The cats spend the day in the bedroom on my bed and sleep there with me. We have had to close the door to them and they have not been happy. Poor Orion is having a hard time. I hate it too, as I have no bed now and had to use the couch last night and will again tonight. We are putting in a wood floor (Donna likes that, I rather carpet, but I got the carpet when the addition was added, so now it will be floor). They will finish Monday, which means the poor cats will remain freaked out and scared (from all the noise in there) through then, and I will be blurry eyed and wanting a night in my bed. After the master suite has the floor put in, soon the bathroom will be repainted and the shower doors will be replaced as the hard water we have here has started eating the current doors after 16 years. Then the down stairs area that was damaged in the flod will be fixed and the house stained (5/6 of it actually, I will do the 1/6 remaining). What a year!

Orion is still having a lot of issues. I hope I am wrong, but really think we may be down to his last couple months or less. :( No matter how much you hope to be ready, you never will be. ANd it amazes me how Nova is the same age, but still fine, plays some and runs. Orion just aged poorly.

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