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by » Thu Dec 31, 2020 04:59 pm

I had some cats that were sick for a long time, like Poof and Socks, a few who were just sick for a day or 2, like Stubby, and some who just suddenly died unexpectedly, like Monster and Herman.  The more you have of course, the more you'll go through, but the more you've got.  John

re: ^Orion^

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by » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:17 am

Well, no we move to the next cat. Nova now has full blown renal disease and is down a lot of weight. The vet gives him at best a year. He is the sweetest cat, so friendly and happy. I suspect the race between Nova and Andi is now on. 

I am not sure how I am going to manage 2021 with 2 possible cat losses ahead in it.

re: ^Orion^

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by » Thu Dec 24, 2020 04:52 pm

I often had as many as 7 cats in the house at once, and I don't think they always noticed if one went missing.  But there were a few that all the cats seemed more attached to.  When Socks died, they were all upset.  Even Socks couldn't seem to figure out why everybody liked him.  He'd be laying there sleeping and one cat or another would always come over and snuggle with him.  Sock on the other hand, would always snuggle up in my face at night, just as Van Gogh does now.  When Socks was gone, the whole house grieved.  John

re: ^Orion^

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by » Wed Dec 23, 2020 05:52 pm

It's those happy times we miss so much, and of course, they make us happy just all the time.  Knock the pen off the table, over and over, chase the ball through the house, lay on us while we're asleep, or even just stare at us and maybe yawn occasionally.

This year the cat hasn't even touched the Christmas tree, except to knock a couple of bulbs off it running underneath it.  Maybe I should stick a little catnip up on top, just to see how big a mess she can make.  No matter what they do, they just make us happy.  John

re: ^Orion^

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by » Wed Dec 23, 2020 05:52 pm

Something sad, Nova has not taken to wandering the house sometimes yowling. I think he is calling for ^Orion^ because he never did that before and just started a day after he left us.

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by » Wed Dec 23, 2020 05:38 pm

David, not to worry and it's so understandable.  I've sent/received so few cards this year.  Just concentrate on taking care of yourself and taking care of your sweet furries.  Losing one takes so much out of you.


Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie
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