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Christmas 2020

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by » Thu Dec 31, 2020 05:41 pm

That picture was from an odd perspective, so it's hard to get a sense of the scale of it all.  That lava lamp back on the right is actually one of those giant lamps, though it doesn't look like it, and the television doesn't look all that big, but it's a 70 inch monster.

Just as my Mom made those Florida trips and Christmases special memories for me, I think they'll be special memories for the grandkids too, and maybe pass that down to yet another generation.  I hope so.  I never had kids, so as Cheri puts it, I skipped over the hard part and went straight to grandkids.

I was pretty lucky to find a really nice Santa suit.  I figure it's more effective if I dress up the last 2 hours of the night, than to be dressed up all night, so I spend my second break getting the suit on.  It can be surprisingly difficult.  I put the pants on over my pants, change into these big rubber boots, and have to take my shirt off to put on the coat.  Once the suit is on, I can't get to my pockets so I have to remember to keep anything out I might need, like guitar picks or keys.  It's also a little difficult finding a place to do it secretly.  I usually have to do it outside, where it's always freezing cold, and made all the worse because I have to take my shirt off and put on that cold coat.  Inside, it's usually pretty warm, usually too warm to wear the hat very long.  The reaction is always a lot of fun.  The ladies often want to sit on my lap and everyone wants pictures of us together.  The most common request for Christmas...a boyfriend.

I don't know how many years I'll keep wearing the official Santa uniform, but I'll always be Santa Claus, as long as humanly possible.  John

re: Christmas 2020

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by » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:35 am

John, ot is really cool that you play and like to play Santa. My father never did anything like that. It would have been so great had he. You are a good dad and grandfather! Keep it up! Even if one day a long long time from now you have to do it in a wheelchair, keep it up!

re: Christmas 2020

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by » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:14 am

Wow, ust look at all the gifts in the picture! What lucky kids!

I am sorry it may be Cheryls dad's last Christmas. :( I hope you make it extra special though!

Christmas 2020

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by » Fri Dec 25, 2020 05:08 pm

It's been the strangest of years and not necessarily the happiest of Christmases.  This year the cat left the Christmas tree completely alone, so there aren't any pictures of her playing with it or even laying under it.  Materially, it was a huge Christmas.  The grandkids were overwhelmed with stuff.  As we began the wrapping paper cleanup, we found even more unopened gifts buried in the rubble.  After that Cheri found 5 more gifts that I didn't know were hidden.  While so many people look at Christmas as a chore and are glad when it's over, I revel in being Santa Claus and I'm sad when it's all over.

Since different branches of the families have different plans in different places, I'm long used to having 2 or 3 Christmases every year.  This year was no exception.  The grandkids had Christmas here on Christmas eve and they'll have another with their parents this morning.  Cheri and I will be going over to her parents today.  Sadly, it will probably be her Dad's last Christmas.  I was extremely lucky in the inlaws department.  They're 2 very sweet people.

My Mom always made sure Christmases were extra special and always succeeded.  She always made Christmases and those trips to Florida special, and those are things that I've loved passing down to the next generation.  Whenever the band plays in December, (which only happened twice this year because of the virus) I spend the last 2 hours of each night dressed as Santa Claus.  Some of the happiest times in my life were taking people to see the ocean for the first time, and seeing people's reactions on Christmas morning, or in our case, Christmas Eve morning.  I always wanted to be Santa Claus and in a big way, I really am!  John


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