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by » Mon Feb 15, 2021 06:11 pm

  Yeah, that's how I feel about it.  I think my biggest downfall is that I get tunnel vision.  I focus too much on one small area and forget to look at what else is going on.  I had 2 Pawns just one move from promoting, and was watching those instead of my Queen.

Friday night I was sure I was going to lose, just positive of it, and was sorely tempted to resign.  But out of principle, I very rarely resign.  And I ended up winning.  So that happens too.

I've been watching a tournament that I think is supposed to end today.  Watching Magnus Carlsen, (the world champion) his games are up and down and up and down.  He's tied for first place.  Second place is only a half point behind.  You can see by his reactions how frustrated he can get.  If the highest rated player in history can screw up over and over, I guess I'm not likely to be perfect.  John

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by » Mon Feb 15, 2021 03:25 pm

No one is perfect and seeing all the possibilities and repercussions of each move is allocated to mostly the top most players (and even they screw up). ;) I have made a lot of bad moves that I paid dearly for and feel like an idiot when I do.

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by » Thu Feb 11, 2021 05:12 pm

I'm surprised your chess computer didn't have the option to play the game to the end.  I could let it resign or make it play to the end.  If you never got to play to the end, you can hardly practice end-games.  I played one last night, (it wasn't on the lichess account and I still need to look it over) but it was probably 70 moves and I blundered my Queen, and it ended up a draw.  We both had several Pawns, I had a Queen and they had a Rook and Bishop.  I'm sure I was about to clean house but then I blundered and let my Queen sit where the Bishop could take it.  I fought the good fight but it ended up with just that Bishop, which wasn't enough to beat me so...draw.  Man it's frustrating to be winning like that then blunder and waste all those moves on a draw, but I suppose it's better than a loss.  I wrote down the moves so I can play the game over but I know where I went wrong so there's not much point in looking very closely.  John

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by » Wed Feb 10, 2021 08:37 pm

Okay, I upped the level and played a fast game on a break here at work. No time to toy with the computer since it was a short break, so no queens all over. ;)

I also started a level 1 in error and I see it shows as in play. I guess I need to finish it eventually.

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by » Wed Feb 10, 2021 08:13 pm

Good games! I am not sure why I like to mop the board up like that. May be because the old fidelity challanger machine would resign every time it saw that there was no way to win. That annoyed me and took all the fun of beating it out. ;) I should up the chess level on my next game, the starting level I am noticing is a bit stupid at times. At least I see they have a chance to grab a high ranking piece of mine in exchange for a lower one of theirs and it seems to not do it.

I had not realized you could see the games till you said you looked my games over. Now I see where it is. ;) I am going to be so embarrased when I lose my first.

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by » Wed Feb 10, 2021 05:50 pm

Wow, I looked at your next 2 games.  Terrific!  I swear I don't know how you kept from accidentally stalemating with so many Queens!  When I got on last night, I put another game on my account.  It wasn't anywhere near as spectacular as yours, but I still won as Black.

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