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by » Tue Mar 09, 2021 05:32 pm

The last couple of mornings I've woke up with Van Gogh right next to my head.  She's still going through the food like crazy.

Like any kid, Piggy loved that ball for one day then forgot about it.  I finally took it out of the cage last night.  The cage isn't as big as I'd like and it was just taking up space.

I'm not sure why St. Louis is such a chess magnet but it may be largely because of the Sinquefeld family, who sink big money into the Sinquefeld tournaments.  Kansas City is about 80 miles from me but St. Louis is about 180.  Too far to go visiting.  As for the chess museum, I collected chess sets for years and lost count at over 100.  (I've slowed down for space reasons and rarely get any more.)  Most of them are cheap "Dollar Store" sets.  Others are pretty nice.  Some are weird and actually unplayable, like the "Star Wars" set, as you can't tell what the pieces are supposed to be.  I could start my own museum!

The wind woke me up this morning.  The temperature only got down to 55 last night and is supposed to be almost 70 today, but it's so windy it's hard to enjoy it.  They're predicting about 4 inches of rain this weekend, but I'm not working so, let it rain.

Kansas City is opening back up and I played my first gig up there in almost a year.  I still hate the long drive.  It was almost 4:30 in the morning when I got home Saturday night.  I had to be gone over 12 hours for a 4 hour show.  I make much better money right here in Sedalia but the majority of my work, (until the virus shut it down) was always in Kansas City.  Well, I still need to make money, so...John

re: Insomniac

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by » Mon Mar 08, 2021 07:20 pm

Is Piggy still playing with that ball?

Does he chase after things if you toss something?

I wonder what attracted chess players to St. Louis. Perhaps the semi-central location in the country?


Looks like we may get 2 to 4 inches snow today, then it warms back up to the upper 40's. What a strange winter this has been.

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by » Fri Mar 05, 2021 03:57 pm

Van Gogh is very possibly the quietest cat I've ever had.  After she got over the initial all-night howling, she just hardly ever made a sound again.  In fact, I've only heard her purr twice in all the time I've had her, although on rare occasion I can feel her purring, even though I can't hear it.

Cheri bought Piggy this weird ball the other day.  It's not quite as big as a softball, it's completely hollow, it's stiff, and it's loosely woven kind of like a basket.  Piggy went nuts with it.  Roughly half his size, he was throwing it up in the air and pushing it around.  Then like most kids with a new toy, after a day or so, he forgot all about it.

I did put a fourth game on Lichess a few nights ago.  I think I'll go to level 2 next time.  Last night I got home from playing music and played one over the phone...and lost.  One of those situations where a Queen and a Bishop were aimed straight at my King and I missed it.  He snapped up my Pawn and it was over.  I can't stand ending the night with a loss though, so I played another, and won.  My biggest flaw is that I get concentrating on one area and miss what's going on somewhere else.  I should have recognized that Queen-Bishop lineup though, and just didn't.

I was surprised to find out that St. Louis is considered the chess capital of the United States, because a lot of the biggest tournaments are played there, and at least a couple of the world's highest rated players, including Hikaru Nakamura, live there.  The biggest tournament is called the "Sinquefeld Cup", which is played across the street from a chess museum.  Of course, all the tournaments are played online now, until the virus scare is over.  I've never been to the tournament or the museum.  They're too far away and I hate fighting St. Louis traffic.  Would love to meet Nakamura though.  I've seen him online and he's pretty funny.  Despite the name, he's thoroughly American.  Seems like a nice guy.  About 6 months ago, he came really, really close to beating out Magnus Carlsen in a tournament.  John

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by » Thu Mar 04, 2021 07:33 pm

Apollo still yowls a lot, yelling "hello" and he still likes to do it often from my chest while in bed. 


Yeah, I went to level 3 and prompty lost, but it is was fast game. Pissed me off. :/ I need to get some free time to try again. :)


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by » Thu Mar 04, 2021 05:21 pm

A few nights ago I had been in bed for about an hour and a half, when Piggy started gnawing on the wires of his cage so ferociously that it woke everybody in the house up.  Karly, who sleeps nearest the cage, went to the refrigerator and got him some carrots, which stopped him right away.  Now I make sure he has a big bunch of hay, carrots and celery before I go to bed.  He only does that now during the day when he wants something different.

Van Gogh, when I first got her, would howl all night which drove everybody crazy, but after a while she learned to keep our hours.  Van Gogh has been eating a lot more lately but she doesn't complain about it.  She just sits by the bowl and guilts me into filling it.

I put a fourth game on Lichess the other day but I see you've raced way ahead of me and gone to level 3.  I'll probably try a few on level 2 before I dive in that deep.  John

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