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by » Tue Apr 13, 2021 05:00 pm

  I'll always be the "cat guy". but Van Gogh leads a pretty routine existence.  Not too much changes in her life.  Piggy on the other hand, I'm still learning new things about him after 9 months.  After all these years with kitties, not too much surprises me, but Piggy still manages to amaze me from time to time.

Of course, even Van Gogh can still surprise me from time to time.  She's been whorfing on rare occasion, but I'm pretty sure I know why.  Piggy loses a little hay down to the floor, which I catch on a piece of newspaper.  Van Gogh gets to it and eats it once in a while, which then makes her whorf.  Then last night, because another cat was hanging around outside, Van Gogh was making a lot of racket, meowing and yeowling, scratching woodwork, jumping on and off the bed...Cheri was ready to scream.  I stayed up till 3:30 keeping her occupied, and when I finally went to bed, she curled up in front of my face, which she hadn't done for a couple of days.  I hope things are quieter tonight!  John

re: Easter

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by » Tue Apr 13, 2021 01:24 pm

Gunna get a bunch of Guinea Pigs and start the CoolCyberGuineaPigs website? ;)

re: Easter

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by » Mon Apr 12, 2021 05:16 pm

I honestly don't know how people who don't like it can eat liver and onions.  Although I can't stand bananas, spinach or celery, (and a host of other foods) I could easily eat them before liver.  My mother evidently couldn't stand it either.  Some of us can't even sand the smell of it cooking.  Thankfully, Mom was probably one of those.

Guinea pigs do indeed love company.  In Switzerland, it's against the law to have just one!  They recommend though, that guinea pigs have at least 8 feet by 4 feet for every 2 pigs, and there's just no space for that.  Still, I'm thinking about another one.  I bought him a little dome the other day to hide in, as they do like a hiding place.  He ignored it completely for several days and I almost removed it.  Then suddenly last night, he decided he liked it.  He slept in it, played in it, even spun it around a few times.  So, it stays.

Kansas City had been closed completely for the virus but over the last couple months we've been working the suburbs again, and this Friday I'm right back in Kansas City.  I just hate that long drive.

I got out and did some house painting yesterday.  Because of the weird angles and the way it's built, I had to get up on the roof again.  There's one part on the west side that I just can't reach to get to and may have to hire that done.  The yard needs mowed really bad but the heavy rains lately have made that just about impossible.  Still, it's got to be done.  John


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by » Mon Apr 12, 2021 01:10 pm

I was one of those whose mother made them eat liver and onions. I did not like it either. But Spanich, Bananas and Celery I do like. I used to love those mini bananas too, but they are hard to find.


I wonder if guinea pigs like the company of other guinea pigs?


Glad you had work more locally and for more money! I'll still wait for the day you decide to get a date at the bar near me. ;) You could bring the whole family and make a small vacation of it by stopping in Yellowstone on the way up or back.


It snowed here Saturday moring (or was it Sunday morning?) and melted off quickly. I had my non-winter tires mounted so now I am fully expecting a snow storm. ;)

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by » Sat Apr 10, 2021 05:05 pm

There are a lot of foods that I was sure I would like, and wish I liked...but just can't.  Spinach, bananas, celery, beets and liver, all just have tastes I just can't stand.  I wish I could but I just can't.  I was 20 years old before I ever tried liver and I remember thinking, hey, it's meat!  How bad can it be?  Oh, I found out.  So there wasn't any preconceived prejudice against it.  I still feel sorry when people tell me their parents made them eat it.  I don't know how they could.

I thought about a litter pan for Piggy, but there's really not as much running room in there as he's supposed to have.  When he was in a smaller cage than this he just did everything everywhere.  Now in a larger cage, he still goes everywhere, but he only wets in one corner of it.  I may try a small litter pan in that corner.  Last night when I came home from playing, I made sure he had hay, spinach, a strawberry, celery and a carrot but when I was ready for bed he was gnawing in the bars like he still wanted food, so I opened the cage and just pet him for a while and he just purred.  I guess he just wanted attention.

Last night I played about 10 minutes from the house, which is so much better than an hour and a half away in Kansas City, and for better money.  It was really nice when we started but by midnight, the weather got chilly and it was pouring down rain, which made packing away the equipment extra uncomfortable.  When I finally got to bed, the cat curled up in front of my face, which made for a pretty comfortable end of the day.  John

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by » Fri Apr 09, 2021 06:26 pm

It is funny how we can flip on a taste. When I was little I LOVED spanich, then I HATED it till I was about 22, then I loved it again, especially raw.

With Piggy, what about a small pan with real cat litter?

I suspect we are also done with the snow (I hope, my summer tires are now back on).

Don't remind me of the wasps! Last year there was always a bunch in the workshop where I do my orders. I never could figer where they were coming in from. The other day when it was in the 70's here, there was one in there again.

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