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by » Wed May 05, 2021 07:17 pm

It's become a routine that people wake me up early in the morning after 2 or 3 hours sleep, so I'll be up for a while, then go back to sleep and sleep late.  Today, the second time I got up was almost 1:30 PM.  When I did, I saw 4 toys on your couch but nobody was there.

Climbing the ladder doesn't bother me much, although it's too narrow to be as stable as I'd like.  Climbing on and off the roof does bother me, probably because the ladder isn't that stable.  While I don't mind the ladder, this last time I decided I'm not ever getting on the roof again.

After 6 days, this toe is still sore, although it's apparently better than it was.  It's put a terrible crimp on getting anything done though.  I'm not doing sit-ups or push-ups or walking on the treadmill, and I'm not getting work done like mowing the yard or working on the house.  I think it's starting to irritate Cheri but I should be back to near normal pretty shortly.  John

re: Snow

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by » Tue May 04, 2021 03:07 pm

When I left for work (before the camera turned on), ANdromeda was there and as my morning routine goes, I sat on the stairs there and scratched her head and chin and told her I would see her in the afternoon. Actually I do that to all the cats, finding them each before I go.

Ladder climbing.... Funny, I get more afraid of heights the older I get. I remember going up on the roof of the house when I was like 13 or so and putting up a CB antenna on the roof, one of those old big ones. Never bothered me. Now if I climb on a 1 story roof I can feel it scares me, but I do it. I wonder why?

Nova keeps waffling between doing poorly and doing better. It is enough to give me a breakdown. He has lost more weight and is about 6.25lbs last time I checked. Last week we found his small intestine was greaty thickened and the thought is it could be IBD or cancer, though at this kidney late stage is is more a complication than something that could kill him. He was throwing up a lot and we decided to try a low grade injection of a pred (if it was IDB it may help, though it has a good chance of further damaging any kidney function left - crappy choice). He ate better that day (Saturday), but slowly has eaten worse since. I did manage to coax him to eat 1/4 can + 1/16 (1/16 because he wanted more and I gave him 1/8 of the can and he left about half) (5oz can) of food for breakfast. Hoping Donna got him to eat more. I do have to run hom over lunch to get him and bring him to the vet for fluids and check what the pred may have done. He hates going and hides if I come home early. :(

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by » Tue May 04, 2021 12:06 pm

I didn't see anything or anybody on your couch this morning, about 5:30 AM your time.

I don't envy you climbing around those hillsides pulling toadflax.  Cheri told the neighbor I hadn't forgotten the yard but that I got hurt the other night and couldn't do it for a while.  It was getting way too tall and we were expecting rain for the next 2 days, so he brought over his rider and mowed it for me.  She made a trade with him.  He can't get up on ladders so I'm supposed to clean out his gutters.  Not a bad trade really.

Hope the furkids are OK.  John

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by » Mon May 03, 2021 02:02 pm

The yellow pillow is missing I was not able to find it over the weekend. They do that sometimes, they reappear after a few days to weeks.

Weeds are now popping! I suppose it is near time I started to pull weeds again. 

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by » Wed Apr 28, 2021 01:13 pm

The last time I mowed, it snowed a few days later.  It seriously needs mowed again but thunderstorms are expected today.  It takes hours to mow and I don't want to be half way done when it starts.  It takes days for this yard to dry out when it does rain and I have to work Thursday and Saturday this week in Kansas City.

I see one of the cats on the couch again this morning...with a yellow toy.  I can not get Van Gogh interested in toys.  She might cahse a ball...once...and that's it.  Toys on sticks don't do it either.  She just doesn't care.

Cheri woke me up this morning talking to, or rather at her grandson, so I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night.  Now I'm wide awake but I know I won't be this afternoon.  Today is Piggy's cage cleaning day so that's got to be done whether it storms or not.  A couple days ago I finally used the last of that Arm & Hammer cat litter.  It was an enormous box.  As I mentioned before, it has this weird smell, just like old, stale beer.  Even the big garbage cans outside smell like it!  Hopefully that smell will disappear shortly.  John

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by » Tue Apr 27, 2021 07:49 pm

It may be shapes too. Perseus loves a toy we call "Kidney". THey are shapped like a bean or jelly bean or kidney. We got them a LONG time ago and they were getting a bit long in the tooth so I went on Etsy and found someone who was making cat toys to order and I took images of them and after some back and forth, they made 6 new ones for us. THey were not exactly the same as the original, but close and Perseus did not care. :)


Yesterday I put the yellow pillow back on the couch and about 25 minutes later it traveled to the doorway. Still NO damn clue who!


Our weather has been normalish (some morning snow a few days, then rain, then sun) and the temps in the day about 40-60. But Friday we are expecting record high of 82.

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