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by » Mon May 03, 2021 05:38 pm

Well,  I did get through the weekend.  I've got till Saturday for it to get better.    I thought about steel toed boots, at least for tearing down, but in years and years, that's the first time that ever happened.  The immediate challenge is, I've just got to mow this yard and I don't see how I can do it.  The ditches are so deep, it's so wet, and the grass is so tall, I don't know how that's going to go.  It really can't wait any longer though or the city will start getting on me.  I'm surprised they haven't.

When I tried to post my last message I got some kind of "server error" so I figured it must not have posted and I'd have to type it again, so I opened a new message, but then I remembered that had happened before, a long time ago, and that the message posted after all, so I didn't retype it, and sure enough there it was.  But now there's an empty post, and that's the reason.

I didn't see anybody or anything on your couch this morning.  How are the furkids today?  John

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by » Mon May 03, 2021 02:00 pm

How did it go this weekend?

You need steel toes boots. ;) That would help protect your feet some.

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by » Sun May 02, 2021 05:47 pm

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by » Sun May 02, 2021 05:46 pm

Well, I got through last night OK.  I wore my "Santa Claus" boots.  There was no way I could wear the cowboy boots.  They were not as comfortable as I thought they might be.  Not that they hurt my toe particularly, but I favored the other leg all night so that foot started aching.  The band didn't want me helping but since it didn't really hurt much just to walk, I just had to carry some of it.  It hurt worse just driving, lifting your foot off the accelerator and putting it on the brake, then off the brake onto the accelerator, Every time I lifted my foot, it hit the top of my boot.  And of course, I hit every red light in town.  As I figured, I was gone about 13 hours last night.  It looks about the same this morning.

I looked up that cabinet last night and it says it weighs exactly 100 pounds.  Since it fell in an arc and the other end was on the ground, I guess that means about 50 pounds fell about 3 feet onto my foot while I was still holding the other 100 pound cabinet.  Somebody helped me take it down last night but in the future, I'll just have to be careful to lift it higher before I start backing away from it.  I've got till Saturday before I have to play again.  I really hope it's better before then!  John

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by » Sat May 01, 2021 05:54 pm

Thanks Tim.  If Knoxville weren't so far away, I'd come and pick you up!    I might have a broken toe but if I did, all they'd do is give me pain killers and maybe a boot to wear, and I can't afford that.  Last time I went to a doctor they told me I was fine and I'd be sore for a few days, then charged me $15,000.  Lesson learned.

It hurt all day yesterday and ended up looking worse by the end of the day.  Last night I got a good 9 hours of sleep because it didn't bother me.  (Still no blankets over it though.)  This morning it looks slightly better and while some movement still hurts, it doesn't hurt all the time like it did yesterday.  I think my biggest problem was swelling.  The skin on your toe isn't all that flexible so a little swelling means it was stretched almost to the breaking point, which meant that a lot of the pain was coming from the outside.  I put some salve on it to keep it from drying out and splitting, which seemed to help.  I could hardly touch it yesterday but it's not so bad today.

My big worry is, I have to play again tonight and I'm afraid that just about anything I wear is going to hurt, walking around and standing up for so long is not going to help and again, I'll be gone for another 12 or 13 hours.  I don't have a lot of options in the way of footwear.  Either cowboy boots, or these big rubber boots I use when I dress up like Santa Claus!  If I dress up like Santa Claus, maybe they won't notice the boots!  John

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by » Fri Apr 30, 2021 08:46 pm

OUCH! If it is still hurting go see the doctor! You may have broken a toe!

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