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Latest News on Nova and Andromeda

re: Latest News on Nova and Andromeda

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by » Mon May 24, 2021 05:40 pm

I saw both on the couch today, about 11:00 AM your time.  I know it's all piled up on you at once.  I don't know whether that makes it easier or harder.  I suppose one way to look at it is, they'll never be apart for any length of time.  That won't help us much but they won't be spending any time grieving over each other, as I know they do.

Checking in here is the very first thing I do every morning, and know that I'll be checking in every day whether you have a chance to post or not.  I understand that between the grief and pain, and just staying so busy, you won't always feel like saying anything, but I'm always here.  John

CryLatest News on Nova and Andromeda

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by » Mon May 24, 2021 02:13 pm

Both are very very sick and will be let go this week. I have tried to nurse them along till the vet clinic opens to in office appointments and that was supposed to start today (Lord I pray they are still doing so). Nova refused to eat all afternoon and night and threw up last night. He is very weak and struggles to get around. I have resorted to giving Nova some water with a syringe when I felt he needed a little. I spent as much time as I could with him and Andromeda all weekend, talking to them, crying, brushing them, laying with them.... This morning Nova again would not touch food again and I kept trying. FInally he decided to lick a little baby food from a spoon (like 2 pea sized blobs). I could not het him to have more.

ANdromeda is doing badly as well. When she came hom Friday, her BUN was over 140 and creatinine was over 5.4, which is horrible. I have been giving her fluids SubQ all weekend as this helps her flush a little toxins out and feel a smidge better, the the returns are about gone now. She is eating a little and taking something called Oralade RF support for cats (, but this is only in hopes of making her feel a bit better now (oh how I wish I knew to give Nova and her this a year ago). She gets 3oz of it a day in 1/2oz amounts. She likes it, Nova does not and I was adding tuna water to it to get him to have it (but he refusal to eat yeaterday means he got only 1/2oz all day and none this morning).

If you see Andromeda and/or Nova on the couch today, know it is within the last day or so you shall see either. THis is killing me. You may remember we lost ^Itchy^, ^Copycat^ and ^Electra^ in May 2004 and now we loose 2 more in May. I HATE May.

This is so painful. It feels worse than ^Orion^ and other losses, but I suppose because it is 2 at once AND it is so fresh and just happening. I have spend weeks praying and begging for help, to have them healed or allowed to make it and just die suddenly with no suffering. Life is what life is I suppose, and no one or animal gets preferential treatment. So now I am just hoping I do not totally lose it this week. It will be a long and very hard week, so please forgive me if I post little, I am stying to cope, work, manage orders and spend any time I can with them.

Sadly, this too shall pass and one day I will be able to look upon it without crying and feeling sick (physically and mentally), but it will take time, as we all know, having lost so many of our dear friends.

For now, please say a prayer for Nova and Andromeda.


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