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by » Thu Jun 03, 2021 03:06 pm

Thanks everybody.

Tim, I've never seen Robin Trower but I remember some of his music very well.  I always thought he had kind of a "Hendrixy" sound.

Peggy, I always told Cheri that she could have done a lot better, but she could have done a lot worse.

David, nobody in the world works harder or sacrifices more than you do, to make the furkids happy and healthy.  That's just all we can do.

A day or 2 before Cheri's first procedure, (not surgery) the doctor's office called and asked if we had $1300 to cover the procedure.  My first thought was, "Yes, but how much more will it cost me if I come up and break your nose, you insensitive jerk?"  Of course I didn't say that.  I just answered an irritated, "Yes".  I had flashbacks to that car wreck I was in a few years ago.  They told me I was fine but I'd be sore for a few days.  It was $17,000 to tell me I was OK.  After everything that's happened in the last few years, the medical profession will have to go a long ways to redeem itself in my eyes.  John

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by » Thu Jun 03, 2021 12:50 pm

Thanks guys. This feels so different. I do not think I have been so depressed and miserable like this. If I did not have work to go to I think I would just stay in bed, cry and not want to move. I pray this feeling lifts soon.

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by » Thu Jun 03, 2021 11:34 am

David, just cannot imagine what you are going through losing Andromeda and Nova so close together.  You have been on my mind and in my prayers as you work through this pain and sorrow.

John, I have Cheri in my prayers (and you too!) as she goes through her medical issues.  Just having you there for moral support means a lot to her.  She is lucky to have you.

Tim, glad all going well with you!



Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie


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by » Thu Jun 03, 2021 12:11 am

Hey John Sorry to hear that about Cheri don't know what else to say. Things are ok here bought some concert tickets today to see Larkin Poe on Dec 12 and Robin Trower May12 2022 have seen Robin before but he still can really play for a 76 year old. Hi David and Peggy if you see this. Best Wishes Tim

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by » Tue Jun 01, 2021 04:50 pm

Things aren't good with Cheri.  She's at the doctor's right now.  I told her to wake me up this morning and I'd go with her but she never woke me up and went with her mother instead.  We've got a hard road ahead.  I'm in a daze not knowing quite what to do or what I'll have to do.  The doctor told her not to look it up on the internet because it would just scare her, which I suppose is a strange thing for a doctor to tell you.  I already know a lot of what to expect.  I don't actually think this is fatal, although the possibility is always there.  I do expect though, that her very active life is going to be slowed to a crawl for some time and that for some unknown time, she's going to be going through hell.  All I know to do is keep plowing ahead as normally as possible, taking on whatever problems come up one at a time.

I really, really wanted to quit playing but she's dead set against that.  I know she's worried about the money not coming in and as a surprise to both of us, she kind of enjoys the attention she gets from it and it gives her some reason to be proud of me, and there's little enough reason for that.

Well, she just got back, so I'll keep you posted.  John

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by » Tue Jun 01, 2021 02:53 pm

I hear ya John. I suppose I would never hope that there is no pain at the end, then that would mean there was no joy or love prior. *sigh*

Today is my first day back to work since a week ago. It feels so strange not being home with the kitties now after so many days trying to spend most of the home time with Apollo and Perseus. It was also a strangely empty and sad morning since my work moring routine is now different with 2 cats (sick or not) gone.

I keep Nova's collar either in my pocket or on my wrist now and will keep doing so for a while. (I bet the bell drives people I am around nuts, but it gives me comfort to hear it). Andromeda did not wear a collar, so I cannot do that with her.


There is a shop on Etsy that makes glass sleeping cats (in general and customized pattern/colors) and I bought one for ^Orion^ when he left us, one for ^Nova^ and one for ^Andromeda^. This is the shop so you can see generally what they look like: NunwellGlass.

Well, slowly life will get back to normal here now.

How is Cheri? How are you holing up John?

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