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re: Heat/Thunder

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by » Mon Jun 07, 2021 04:20 pm

I don't know what gets into Van Gogh.  She doesn't seem like the sympathetic type but it's hard to guess.  I've learned a lot about cat behavior from Jackson Galaxy, but I still haven't really figured out Van Gogh.

A few years ago we used to have a few dear wandering up to the yard but for whatever reason, they stopped.  I sure can't tell much difference between the hay Piggy will eat and the hay he won't, except the hay he won't eat seems fresher!  We've got squirrels, cats, raccoons, armadillos and possums around, but nothing that would be very interested in hay.  I guess I'll figure out something to do with it.  John

re: Heat/Thunder

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by » Mon Jun 07, 2021 02:03 pm

I think cats (animals in general?) sense how you feel, the moods and react accordingly. Perhaps that explain Van Gogh?

On all that hay, do you have deer that come to your yard?

re: Heat/Thunder

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by » Sat Jun 05, 2021 04:56 pm

Piggy and Van Gogh are doing great.  Van Gogh has been extra affectionate lately, sleeping right in my face, or getting up on the couch to beg for attention.  We'll have to rearrange the furniture soon to accommodate the cage we got Piggy last March.  It sits right in front of the air conditioner and we can't have it blowing on him like that.  I tried lining Piggy's cage with that hay he wouldn't eat last week.  BIG mistake.  His cage is big and the litter is expensive, and since he wouldn't eat that hay I thought I'd just use it as bedding, but after a few days it soured and I had to change it out.  I still have half a big bag of hay that I have no idea what to do with.  John

re: Heat/Thunder

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by » Fri Jun 04, 2021 06:34 pm

I do not mind the rain as long as it is not cold. I hate cold rain on me. Warm rain can be refreshing. :)

How are Piggy and Van Gogh?

re: Heat/Thunder

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by » Fri Jun 04, 2021 05:21 pm

It's been far cooler than normal here all Spring, and we've had record rainfall the whole time.  I like the rain and a good thunderstorm if it isn't too violent.  Most people seem to hate the rain but I know throughout history whole civilizations have collapsed through drought but I don't know of any who were rained out.  Of course my grass is growing like it was a rainforest.  It needs mowed now but I have to work all weekend and won't have time.  Sunday when I have the time, it's supposed to rain.

Grief and depression are so unpredictable.  You know they're going to slam you at first, but then it may hang on for a long time, or it may lift gradually, and it may be up and down like waves.  Sometimes the waves hit unexpectedly and can be overwhelming.  I do hope you get out from under that crushing depression soon.  I can sure relate to it.  John


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by » Fri Jun 04, 2021 01:56 pm

Yesterday was the hottest day so far this year. We hit a high I think, about 96. Normally that would be no big deal, but my little rented office has no airconditioning in it. The person I rent the building from will put one in the window when I ask, but she is away on a trip till end of next week. It became pretty hot in hear yesterday. I think when I left (and an hour early) it was about 90 in the office. ICK. Up to about 80 I am fine,but I was a bit uncomfortable yesterday.

In the evening the winds came and then I could see long bolts of lightening on the horizons. I think it rained by the house, but not much. With the winds and thunder came frightened cats of course and cooler temps. Not a LOT cooler, but today it will be about 88 or 89 only, which is a lot better than 95. So I figure my office may get up to 80 - 85 by the time I leave. Sadly it was not overly cool out this moring though. I open the door wide in summer and use a fan to cycle in the cool morning air. It was 71 out this morning, so my office is not 71 to start with (not the usual 65 or so)

Today I do not have that crushing feeling about ^Nova^ and ^Andromeda^. Hell I miss them, but I pray that this will be the start of the horrible depression lifting. It was bad.

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