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by » Sat Oct 02, 2021 03:37 pm

Hi John David and Peggy Sorry I haven't posted nothing lately but there hasn't been nothing happening to post just laying around and watching tv mowed the yard yesterday and have been able to do the neighborhood walking some which I really need the excercise had put on some weight that I don't need Doctor said on last visit.3 concerts in the next 2 weeks Monkees on Oct 7, Darrell Scott on Oct 8, and Billy Prine on Oct 15 other than that not much other than mow and walk but it is getting cooler glad of it been a hot summer. But I hope you all are well especially Cheri as I do care about you all. Take Care Tim

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by » Sat Oct 02, 2021 04:55 pm

Great to hear from you, Tim.  Been worried about you being so quiet.  Whenever there's nothing going on here, I still talk about it!  Sometimes I worry I must bore you guys half to death!  Still, it's nice to have somebody to tell what's going on, even if it's as bland as mowing the yard or painting the house.  At least you don't have to help me watch it dry.  

At the moment, Karly is decorating the house for Halloween.  She loves doing that and insists I don't help,  It's cloudy and almost hot today with 97% humidity and it's supposed to rain all day.  Tonight I have to play about 30 miles away.  I have to get to the music store today to pick up a couple of new cables.  I had 2 of them short out last night, which meant my guitar would cut out once in a while.  I had to be careful not to move around too much to keep it from cutting out.  I'm not the "jump and dance around" type but I have to walk around a lot, resetting knobs or walking over to the "Talk-Box".

I've been running around taking my October pictures of the furkids.  I make sure I get pictures of them at least once a month.

Cheri is feeling much better today and took Karly out shopping this morning.  They're wanting me to take them to dinner somewhere today.

That's what's going on in my world.  The paint on the house is already dry so I can't watch that.  (It does look a lot better though.)  I'm hungry for news though so you guys have to tell me what you're up to!  John

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by » Sun Oct 03, 2021 12:01 pm

Hi Tim, John and David!  I too have been pretty quiet here, but thanks to Tim's post thought I'd at least check in.  Pretty boring here in ChiTown but kind of like it.  Had some excitement a few weeks ago when my neighbor upstairs was found dead.  They did a well being check and found him.  I knew him pretty well and he was such a good neighbor.  Only 41.  Autopsey didn't show anything so I'm sure they are waiting for results from the toxicology report. 

Laila is doing great.  She is so much company for me!  Peggy


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by » Sun Oct 03, 2021 04:37 pm

Wow, 41 is pretty young to be just dropping off like that.  You think maybe he overdosed on something?  An autospy should find things like underlying heart conditions or whatever, unless they just overlooked it.  I'm actually friends with out county coroner.  We played at his wedding and he and his wife come out to see us sometimes.  He told me a few months ago that he had been non-stop busy lately.  I asked him, "Covid?"  He said, "No, suicides."  Whoa, that took me by surprise!

I did play in Warrensburg last night.  This Friday I'm back in Kansas City.  Kansas City has really clamped down on the mask mandates lately, and I have no idea what that'll be like.  It's notoriously difficult to enforce rules like that in biker bars.  Last time we played there, to stay outof trouble, they passed masks out at the door, but absolutely no one wore one inside.

Today, I plan on being as lazy as I can get away with.  Of course, the grandkids are over, so I'm not sure how successful I'll be.  John

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by » Sun Oct 03, 2021 09:56 pm

John, sad to say my first thought was suicide.  He'd lost his job and was on unemployment which stopped the week before, was three years behind in paying his real estate taxes and his unit was going up for delinquent  tax sale in November plus he owed thousands in unpaid condo monthly fees.  Thinking drug overdose. Peggy


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by » Mon Oct 04, 2021 12:36 pm

Hi John, Tim and Peggy,


John, I do not find your post boring. I like reading them! GLad Cheri is feeling well today! 
I am not up to much at all. I get I lead a very dull life compared to most. Just work, then cat toy work and sales, 7 days a week. My most exciting part of the week is Saturday when I go to vigil mass and go 60+ minutes early so I can sit and pray for a while. ALso on the days I buy supplies to take to the homeless shelter. THat is about the height og my excitment. ;)


Tim, Join a gym! I keep telling myself I should do that and figure if I make good on that oneday, I'll go before my work day starts (so a 5am gym session I guess).


Peggy: That is sad about your neighbor! How long was he there dead before they found him?




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