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by » Sun Oct 31, 2021 04:49 pm

Happy Halloween!  Well, tonight marks 50 years since the first time I played music for money.  An anniversary like that can't help but make you a little reflective, and there's a lot to reflect over.  It wasn't the first time I played in public.  That would be I think, 53 years ago.  50 years ago tonight, I was handed $5.  In today's money that would be about $33.87.  That makes it sound a little better.

I don't play tonight.  With this much time on my hands, I'll probably spend the whole day revisiting that night and probably a few of the more memorable things in between.  I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing it, but I did make it this far.  John

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by » Mon Nov 01, 2021 04:18 pm

Hi John, well belated Happy Halloween!

So what did you play and how long was the gig when you were handed the $5? 


Today is All Saints Day, so for any Catholics out there, happy All Saints Day! It is usuaoly a Holy Day of Obgligation for going to Mass, but they announced this weekend it was dispensed today. I am unsure why, but I'll take it. I am very busy and squeezing in mass with work, post office, ups, West Mont and some stores would be difficult. ;)


I do not think I noted last week, Thursday I began to feel "off" and Friday I was for sure not feeling well. Eh, loads better yesterday and today, thankfully. So I opted foe the gym this morning. When I go it is about 5:00am and I try to go 4 times a week. Anyway, first time I really felt icky in years, so am most happy it is clearing nicely. I am guessing a cold that did not fully kick in.


CCOOLLDD on the drive in to town this morning! 11f out! Brrrrr. ANd it is November! Wow, where does time go?! I keep looking for it, but it eludes me.


How is Cheryl? How is the weather there? How is Piggy and Van Gough AND most importantly, you?





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by » Tue Nov 02, 2021 05:16 pm

Thanks David.  Some of the dteails of that night 50 years ago, stand out like I'd done it last night, but a few details have faded.  I can't even remember for certain how long we played, but it was put on by the city for the general public, (mostly kids in costume of course) and while it was dark long before we were done, I don't imagine it went on very late.  I don't remember the songs we played, except that they were rock songs popular in 1971.  The only song I do remember was "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath.  I remember that one because it was so wildly popular that we were asked to do it 3 times that night.  I only remember one of the costumes, someone completely covered in softball sized balloons, but I still remember the shirt I wore that night.  After the show we went to a friend's house to unwind and I remember seeing Porter Wagner and Dolly Parton on television.  I'm pretty sure that my mouth must have dropped open that first time I saw Dolly.

I got sick too, at about the same time Cheri's grandson got sick, and shortly after me, Cheri got sick.  We've all had some bronchitis.  The grandson was tested for Covid, but turned out he didn't have it.  I had to play sick Friday but the only thing kind of rough about that was loading up in the cold, wet weather.  Then Saturday and Sunday we were out in the chill, taking the grandkids "trunk-or-treating" to 4 or 5 different places each day.  (We think the grandkids were the ones who got us sick in the first place.)  It was the first time I can remember getting sick in about 2 years.

Cheri's latest round of treatments were supposed to start last week but the hospital was backed up and it's been put off for at least another week.  Aside from a cold and bronchitis, she's not been feeling too bad.

The weather has been bumping up against but not quite reaching freezing.  (It was 33 last night.)  And it's only been getting up to about 46.

Piggy and Van Gogh are doing fine.  Van Gogh still hasn't quit playing with the little mat I bought.  She's not usually much interested in toys but she can't leave that mat alone.

I'm still bouncing back and forth between staying in the band and wanting out.  My "golden anniversary" of playing hasn't made the decision any easier.  I'm still thinking though, that if I do quit the band, I'll probably go on to solo work.  The band has already booked well into next year.  It's just really hard to imagine not doing it, and a little harder to imagine that money not coming in.  John

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