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by » Sat Dec 11, 2021 11:26 am

Hi John Don't know if heard this yet Mike passed yesterday Dec 10 , 2021 heart failure stated as the cause he was 78 years old. Came a shock to me I just saw him on Oct 7 2021 and he looked well and performed well. Tim  From 


The world of music, movie, television and pop culture at large are collectively mourning the passing of Michael Nesmith of the Monkees. The singer-songwriter left behind a long and rich history involving not just the Monkees, but also myriad creative ventures.

"With Infinite Love we announce that Michael Nesmith has passed away this morning in his home, surrounded by family, peacefully and of natural causes," his family said in a statement. "We ask that you respect our privacy at this time and we thank you for the love and light that all of you have shown him and us."

Tributes to Nesmith have flooded social media, with fans and celebrities alike expressing their sorrow at the death of the Monkee in the wool hat. Micky Dolenz, who just recently completed the Monkees' farewell tour with Nesmith, shared his grief to Rolling Stone.

"The last show of the tour is pretty much a blur to me. I tried to stop thinking about it because I knew if I didn't, I’d never get through any of those songs," Dolenz admitted. "As it was, I still had my moments. I had a couple of moments where I had to turn around and get ahold of myself. I especially did not try and think about it because I probably wouldn't have made it through the show. Our last conversation probably took place that night, but I don't recall it specifically. We did hug that night on the stage. And the whole tour was very emotional for me. I knew it was pretty unlikely that, for whatever reason, we'd ever be doing this again. That was both our attitudes for us. We went out with flair."

“Everyone at Rhino is overwhelmed with sadness today to hear the news of Michael Nesmith’s passing. Nez was not only a GRAMMY® Award-winning musician, songwriter, actor, filmmaker, producer, novelist, businessman, and philanthropist, he was also a dear part of the Rhino family and a pillar of the label for more than four decades," said Mark Pinkus, the president of Rhino Records, in a press statement. "As a member of The Monkees, Michael won over the hearts of millions as a performer and songwriter, for both the band ('Mary, Mary' and 'Circle Sky') as well as other artists ('Different Drum' by Linda Ronstadt’s Stone Poneys). He then went on to become a pioneering figure in the rise of country rock with his First National Band and a true visionary in film and TV at the dawn of the music video era. When I became President at Rhino, Nez was the first artist to give me a call of congratulations and he remained a critical figure at the company throughout his final years. I had the honor of attending the final show of The Monkees' farewell tour last month at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, where Michael shared the stage with Micky Dolenz for the last time. On that night, Nez once again showed his unique ability to captivate fans with his immense talent, earnest words, and undeniable charm. We are grateful to have been a part of his incredible career and will continue to celebrate the legacy he leaves behind. We send our sincere condolences his family, friends, and fans around the wor...

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by » Sat Dec 11, 2021 06:45 pm

Thank you Tim.  I did hear that yesterday and it really left my head spinning.  I don't think there's any way I could overstate the influence he had on me as a kid.  I had to play last night and I dedicated a long solo I start with to him, telling the crowd that he was almost single-handedly the reason I do what I do.  If it hadn't been for Nesmith and the Monkees I suppose I'd still be doing it, but given the depth of their influence, I'm not all that sure.  I might be working at a ball-bearing factory in Illinois instead!

Of course, it got me thinking about my own mortality too.  He was 15 years older than me, and was just 10 days short of his 79th birthday.  I can't imagine still performing on stage at almost 79.  It's a hard thing to quit doing.  I keep thinking that if I quit now, that might very well be the end of it.  (Not that I would die right away, but that I probably wouldn't start working again.)  He retired from performing what, about a month before he died?  Paul told me last night that we were booked well into next year and I figure I'm fairly committed to doing at least half of it whether I feel like it or not.  As I said though, it's a hard thing to quit doing.  You get addicted to it.  I doubt if Nesmith needed the money.  I sure do but I don't think he did.

Anyway, it's got me reassessing my own life and I have to admit, I haven't come to any conclusions so far!  I've got the old Monkee movie "Head" on my computer.  I expect I'll be watching it pretty soon.  John

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by » Mon Dec 13, 2021 01:26 pm

I had not heard about that this weekend, of course I did not watch much news this weekend either as I was so busy.

Tim, you saw them this fall in concert, yes? Who was in the bad when you went?


John, I thgink our mortality is visible once we are over 50. Perhaps I am wrong, but I likely first thought about it when I was 40, on the assumption that the average male age is, what, 72? THat means 36 is dead average middle, or middle age. I always told myself I was on the other side of the hill from 36 on, sadly. I hope I more fall into my fathers family age range for death. Looking at his parents and my grandfathers parents it it 92, 99, 105 and 108. Of course I want a brain if I reach those ages and I pray health as well. ;)


I watched Head once and was not a fan of it. :/


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by » Mon Dec 13, 2021 03:55 pm

Yes David I did see them on Oct 7 2021 it was Mike and Micky Dolenz they were the 2 surviving members and a band don't really know what call it but it was  called the Monkees Farewell tour  the last date of the tour was Nov 14 2021. I have saw the movie Head but it was many years ago so I don't really remember it. Tim

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by » Mon Dec 13, 2021 05:30 pm

Well Tim, you were lucky to have seen the 2 together then! :)


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by » Mon Dec 13, 2021 06:43 pm

"Head" was once described as an "acid trip of a movie" and yeah, it kind of was.  Not crazy about it either except that it was a Monkees vehicle from a time when I was really into them.  METV showed about 2 hours of their series yesterday.  I caught about 20 minutes of it.  I do have the movie on my computer, but not the series.  John

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