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Is everyone ok?

Is everyone ok?

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by » Mon Dec 20, 2021 03:33 pm

Never seen the message board go this long without any activity.  Hope all is okay with everyone.  Peggy


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re: Is everyone ok?

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by » Mon Dec 20, 2021 05:47 pm

  I'm still here every day.  I don't want to overwhelm everybody so I usually wait until somebody else says something and answer back.  I think it's been a week today.

Perseus was on the couch 2 days in a row, around 10:00 or 11:00 AM David's time.  That was a nice surprise.

Karly's favorite restaurant, Denny's, has closed.  Apparently not enough staff and problems getting food deliveries combined to cut down on business.  Karly was surprisingly upset by that.  Fortunately, we had used all but $2 or $3 of those cards you sent.

Almost ready for Christmas.  I've spent a crazy amount of time wrapping and gone through several rolls of paper.  We collect stuff all throughout the year so there's not a mad dash to buy anything around Christmas.  Cheri is insanely good at finding deals and a lot of the stuff literally costs one penny!  There are sandals, shoes, pants, shirts, purses, toys of all kinds that literally cost one penny each.  She belongs to some club where they find all this stuff.  She also goes yard saling throughout the year.  We found my aluminum Christmas tree that way.  A couple of months ago she found a $180 chess set for $5.  (It was almost a Christmas present but she couldn't wait.)

The kids were over for the weekend and they could hardly leave the presents under the tree alone, but there's a lot more stuff hidden in the bedroom.

Cheri's at least temporarily through with her chemotherapy and radiation.  She goes back in early January to see if everything is OK or if there's more that needs to be done.  She feels a lot better now but there are still some residual effects that I hope will be gone soon.  I'm fine and Van Gogh and Piggy are doing great.  Van Gogh is leaving the tree and Christmas presents alone.  The band has had some welcome time off, (all voluntary) but we go back to work New Year's Eve and next year is booked pretty heavily.  John

re: Is everyone ok?

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by » Mon Dec 20, 2021 08:26 pm

Hi Peggy John and David I am ok Been to 4 concerts this month and 1 more to go on Dec 21 don't know if I have said much about Claire she is doing so-so 1 day she eats and the next day won't the vet said she was really stressed when they drew blood for testing I had to take her 2 days in a row because they couldn't get urine sample to test the 1st time  just take it 1 day at at time and hope for the best.Glad Cheri is through with chemo and radiation and feeling better I hope it has done what it was supposed to do and she won't need more treatment. If I don't post again before Christmas hope you all have a Merry one. Tim

re: Is everyone ok?

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by » Mon Dec 20, 2021 08:47 pm

Hi All. Moms nursing home had opened to visits in the home and more than 15 minutes a week and I grabbed a flight out. I am in NJ now. It was 2 years ago last month I last saw here and her dementia has gotten worse since. Flying is strange these days, masks in the airport and on the flights a must. On the night of day 2 I had a bad sore throat and self quarintened (as NY/NJ is the COVID hot spot now) and have only seen mom for 2 total hours over 2 days now. I cannot fly if I do not verify I am COVID free. I needed to get a PCR test (not the 15 minute one) and EVERYTHING is booked and labs are taking over 72 hours. Not good. My doctor nephew suggested a place about 90 minutes from here and they has a few appointments and a NEW "rapid" PCR test, far better than the 15 minute test. I took a PCR testand am waitng for results. That said my sore throat is gone now and I broke out into sneezing and nose blowing, so I really believe I brought a cold with me. Sucks about the limited mom visit and I had to stay in the house here for days. I hope to have the results by this eveing and it better be negative as I only bought enough food when I got here to last me part days here till I leave and I am all out of food tonight! So beyond blowing my nose or sneezing, I feel fine. That said, my nephew (another state) now has COVID and he does not feel like death warmed over, but is sick and feels a bit run down.


I am sorry I was so quiet and ran off with out tellign anyone. ;) 


Peggy, how are you fareing?

Tim I am glad you are having a nice concert filled month!

John I am glad you saw Persues! I have no seen him. Rather than sitting here on the notebook I have plowed thorugh 2 more books and am on a third. I am sure you will believe me when I say I was the ONLYONE at the Salt Lake Airport, Helena Airport and on 2 flights that did not have their cell phone glued to their face! Your Denny's closed?! I am sorry! THe place here I used to get some meals from AND bring to mom also closed over COVID sometime. Mooyah was it's name. It is a chain and there is one at 800 University Drive, Maryville, MO. Is that near you? And I am glad everyone is doing fine right now!


Well all, back to sitting and listening to my stomach make noises as I read (no real cable package here so no tv for me, though I do not mind).






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re: Is everyone ok?

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by » Tue Dec 21, 2021 04:26 pm

I'm glad everybody is OK.

Peggy, thanks for waking everybody up!    Hope everything's OK where you are.  We've been having record high temperatures around Kansas City.  Christmas Eve is supposed to be 69, which is just crazy!  (It's right at freezing at the moment.)  Cheri's sister hit some ice yesterday morning and rolled her truck.  She just has a sore shoulder but her truck is just so much scrap now.

Tim, I do hope Claire comes out OK.  You've been to more shows than I've put on!  In November I didn't work one time and in December I've only worked 3 times, although we are booked New Year's Eve.  Several of our regular venues closed and our bass player had to be gone for 2 weeks.  This month, Christmas put things on hold somewhat.  This is the first December in years that I haven't dressed as Santa Claus to play.  My outfit was just buried under too much stuff to dig out.

David, I kind of wondered if you might be in New Jersey.  I'm so sorry about your Mom and all the hoops you have to jump through just to see her.  I'm guessing that you haven't been doing a lot of target shooting since the Covid thing came out.  I haven't been shooting since my Dad died, and at this point, I'm not very interested in doing it without him.

I imagine too, that your chess has been put on hold.  Conversely, I've probably intensified my chess.  It helps distract me and takes my mind off other stuff.  I think I'm beginning to see things that I used to miss.  I've been playing some really tough opponents lately and they've been some really long, nerve wracking games.  I'm starting to win more often though.  As of last night I'd won the last 7 games in a row.  You're supposed to study your games to see what you did wrong, which I do, but I tend to look more for what I did right, and it really seems to help.

I hope everybody has a great Christmas!  We'll be doing ours Christmas Eve so everybody else can do theirs Christmas day.  I may pop over to my brother's Christmas day, especially if it's supposed to be in the sixties!  John

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