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CatStill Here

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by » Thu Feb 03, 2022 08:44 pm

Hi John David and Peggy Hope you all are well Still not a whole going on in Knoxville we are under a flood watch till friday but it is warm in 50's and 60's but was cold last week for here in the teens and 20's and will cool back down next week we did get some light dusting of snow too. I went a touring Broadway musical last night of the movie Mean Girls was good had never been to a show like that but I did enjoy it go 2 more shows to see this month Kenny Wayne Shepard on the 15th and Hot Tuna on the 19th they just keep adding people I like 2 more are now doing shows I will probably go to Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer in April and Town Mountain in June. As always Cheri is in my thoughts liked seeing Van Gogh she looked good and happy hope Piggy is too. I see Perseus on camera some give him a Apollo some scratches for me and Laila some pets too. And everybody stay safe as I see on tv the weather is bad in Chicago and KC not sure about Montana weather. 2 months in row with a cat in the contests both pretty cats I like the calico marked cats but I like all cats no matter what they look like. Claire seems to be doing good eating drinking litter box using she even feels like she has put on some weight and the rest of the gang is fine. Later Tim

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by » Fri Feb 04, 2022 06:33 pm

Hi Tim!  Hot Tuna is a name I haven't heard in a really long time!  I don't work this week which is just as well, given the deep freeze and the snow laying around.  We got more snow than Kansas City because most of the storm passed southeast of it.  Hopefully we'll start thawing out about Monday.  In the meantime I've just been hibernating.  I haven't been more than 8 feet or so from the back door, just to put out garbage.  We got all our "storm shopping" done a couple of days before anything hit so we're in good shape there.

Both Piggy and Van Gogh seem to be extra affectionate lately.  I wonder whether it's something to do with the weather.  The house is nice and warm so nobody is cold but a little extra warmth is always nice.  On these super cold days I let the water run just a bit to keep the pipes from freezing.  I know that's been a problem for a few people around.  There is a family from Ukraine living up the street and I figure this is nothing special for them.  I saw yesterday they hollowed out a couple of big piles of snow to make "igloos" in their back yard.  It's been a loooong time since I enjoyed playing in the snow like that.  John

Hot Tuna

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by » Fri Feb 04, 2022 07:52 pm

Hey John I saw them on March 29 2018 and they were great this is advertised as a accoustic show but I know I am in for a treat no matter what Jorma is in his early 80's and Jack is in his mid 70's but they are still at the top of the game talent and skills. Tim

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by » Sat Feb 05, 2022 04:59 pm

Wow, it's hard to imagine myself doing anything that long.  Of course, it's hard to imagine not doing it either.  It had been so long since I heard that name, I didn't know they were working at all.

It was super cold again last night but it's supposed to break freezing today.  The snowplows finally ran last night at 11:00 PM and again at about 2:00 AM.  The snow had already been packed down after 2 days of people driving on it, so I don't know how much good it did.  I always back my car in the driveway and I didn't have any trouble getting out, but it was a little more of a challenge backing in.  It's a little bit uphill and it wanted to slide around a bit.

Out in my yard I have a small shed with a lean-to built on the north side of it.  I'm a little surprised none of the local animals take advantage of it, but there are no tracks in the snow in front of it.  There are tracks in the snow around the rest of the yard, and they all seem to be from cats.  Yesterday we went out to dinner and I heard the squirrels chattering in my big tree.  I looked but I never saw any of them.  3 or 4 play in that tree a lot.

The furkids are all doing fine.  Piggy went through a ton of hay yesterday and Van Gogh slept in my face again last night.  John


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by » Mon Feb 07, 2022 02:27 pm

John, send the cold back here. I do not mind. ;)

Your squirrels bit made me laugh! I thought of Rick and Morty. Have you ever heard of that catroon? There was one with a skit with squirrels and I thought of that. Here is a link to the part I am talking about (it is not long)...

Rick and Morty - Squirrels


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by » Mon Feb 07, 2022 03:52 pm

  Oh yeah, I've watched "Rick And Morty" a lot of times.  I even got Cheri's grandson a "Rick And Morty" calendar for Christmas.  Weird stuff but pretty ingenious.  My "go to" cartoon lately is "Bob's Burgers".  I catch that every chance I get.

Apparently I've successfully sent the cold weather back to you.  It's supposed to be about 60 tomorrow.  As I expected, the snowplows didn't do any good the other night.  It was already packed down too hard on our street.

Glad the weather is warming tomorrow.  I have to take Cheri about 80 miles away to a hospital in Columbia.  I don't think they'll do any more than talk to her, then have her come back in a week to a month.  I think they'll operate then and have her laid up for a few days to a week.  The operation will be by robot and provided it all goes well, I expect they'll have her come back every month or so to make sure everything is alright.  At least that's my best semi-educated guess.

Right this minute, she got me up early to take her out for biscuits and gravy, so off we go.  Thanks everybody for thinking about us.  It's nice to have a place to go where I can organize my thoughts and see if they make any sense.  Hoping for all the best but I'm still scared to death.  John

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