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by » Sun Feb 13, 2022 05:32 pm

Sometime last night while I was at work playing, Cheri's grandson brought home a new puppy.  (We knew he was getting one so that was no surprise.)  What was a surprise was how small he would be.  He's honestly not quite as big as Piggy.  How big he'll eventually get is anybody's guess.

Cheri laid down the law to her grandson as to what an awesome responsibility it would be.  He still goes to school and works at McDonald's some evenings, so that's not going to make taking care of it any easier.  He'll probably spend most of the time in the grandson's bedroom, where the grandson also spends most of his time.

Piggy squealed at it a bit, but neither Piggy nor Van Gogh seemed to pay much attention to it, which was a relief.  We were a little worried about Van Gogh's reaction to it but it really seemed Van Gogh couldn't care less.

This morning Cheri went out with her Mom and the grandson had to go to work for 7 hours so for at least a little while, he's alone with me.  and he's spending all his time yipping and wondering where his new person went.  John

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by » Sun Feb 13, 2022 06:19 pm

And what is the new puppiesname? Will we see a picture of it soon? :)


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by » Mon Feb 14, 2022 05:48 pm

When he got it, his name was Sway, for reasons I can't account for.  I told the grandson there was still plenty of time to rename him, as "Sway" didn't seem to make much sense.

I haven't snapped any pictures yet but I'll get some.  He's all black and does not like to be alone.  John

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