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by » Fri Mar 25, 2022 10:23 pm

We left Sedalia at 3:00 AM and got to the hospital at 4:30.  Poor Cheri had a miserable ride.  At 5:00 she was checked in and surgery started at 7:00.  She was in surgery until 11:00.  It was 2:30 PM before I finally got to see her.  She felt tired and worn out but there was a big smile on her face when I left.  I just got home at 5:00.

All this meant I haven't had any sleep for about 30 hours.  Few things are more boring than a hospital waiting room.  It was uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep more than maybe 10 minutes.  I was worried about being too sleepy on the way home but I was too relieved to be sleepy, and strong winds blowing the car all over the road kept the drive from being too boring.

Now I'm looking at 4 or 5 days alone, (except for tomorrow night when I have to play).  I'll try to spruce up the house a bit before she gets back.  I'd start in right now but I'm just too tired.  John

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by » Sat Mar 26, 2022 12:45 pm

John, happy to hear all went well for Cheri yesterday!  What a relief for her and you!  Continued prayers.  Peggy


Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie

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by » Sat Mar 26, 2022 02:45 pm

I am glad it seems to have gone well and sorry Cheri had a bad ride out and you no sleep for so long. :/ You and Cheri are still front and center in my morning prayers for now. :)

Have fun tonight playing, or at least try to.


David and the CoolCyberCats

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by » Sat Mar 26, 2022 03:57 pm

Thanks everybody for thinking of us.  Today is Cheri's birthday.  Not the way she'd choose to celebrate it I'm sure, but I'm glad she's celebrating it!  I can't go up there today as I have to work tonight, but her Mom and one of her brothers are going up today.

The tumor was aggressive, fast growing, massive, and in the worst place it could possibly be for that kind of cancer.  They were intending to operate with a robot, but it had grown too big to use it.  She's looking at least, at 2 months of recovery from this operation, and the probability that it will come back.  If and when it does, it should be spotted a lot earlier and shouldn't be anything like the problem this was.  There'll be years of checkups and monitoring but I'm looking at it like the worst and most dangerous part is over.

Thanks again everybody!  John

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by » Sat Mar 26, 2022 09:46 pm

Hi John David And Peggy Sorry for the slow reply Even though nothing is happening in Knoxville I just have not got online much I still check here everyday. Happy birthday to Cheri know is it not the place or way to spend a birthday but I as say I at least am still having them it doesn't sound good from what you say but my prayers are with both of you and the best wishes that it can be beaten. Ihope you got some good rest and your work tonight goes well. Take Care Tim

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by » Sun Mar 27, 2022 03:48 pm

Thanks Tim.  Cheri and I have been burning our phones up texting each other this morning. Yesterday I was busy all day and had to work last nght.  Today is the first day I'll have to take it easy and I still have a lot of work to do.

Cheri might be coming home Tuesday.  I'll try to get the house in reasonable shape before then.  Yesterday I had someone power wash the mold off the north side of the house so that'll look good when she gets back.  I need to get a plumber this week to fix a leaky outdoor spigot.  The inside doesn't look too bad except I haven't had time to do dishes for 3 days!  Of course, there aren't many dishes because I haven't been home for more than a few hours in the last few days.

I'm worn out and the last thing I felt like doing was playing last night but it went OK.  Today, I'll just take it all slow.

Thanks again, everybody.  John

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