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by » Wed May 11, 2022 04:34 pm

We got an interesting phone call yesterday.  Karly who is 8 now, has a younger brother in the first grade.  We don't see him quite as often as he likes staying with his Mom where he can play with friends of his.  Anyway, we're the school's contact because their Mom can be hard to get hold of, so when anything happens, they call us.  Yesterday, the school principal called, fairly angry.  Apparently, Karly's little first grade brother took toilet paper and clogged every toilet in the boy's room and flushed them all.  They made him help the janitor clean it all up.

It's no doubt something he saw on YouTube, or maybe something his friends told him about.  I don't know how his parents reacted to the news.  Cheri called his mother and told her.  Maybe I should be upset, or concerned, and I probably will be, after I stop laughing.  In the meantime, I just keep thinking of "Animal House".

I'm taking Cheri to the doctor in Columbia today.  The furkids are all fine.  I went shopping for Van Gogh's regular food yesterday but couldn't find any of a reasonable size, so I got her a 35 pound bag.  That should last a while.  John

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by » Wed May 11, 2022 07:51 pm

Not good about the toilets. :/ It may be funny, but make sure he does not think it was fun enough to do it more OR in someone homes. ;)

I hope the doc appointment goes well today.


Van Gogh gets to pig out!


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by » Thu May 12, 2022 05:20 pm

The school made him help clean up the mess, which couldn't have been much fun, and he's not allowed to go to the boy's room by himself anymore, and probably the worst of it, no recess.  We probably won't see him at all for a while and won't have to worry about the disciplinary side of it.  I know his Mom wasn't happy about it and I don't think she thought it was funny.  His Dad is harder to predict.  I don't believe he'll think it's funny but he'll be lucky if his Dad doesn't go volcanic on him.  I guess that's one of the nice things about being a "sort of" grandpa.  It's up to his Mom and Dad to deal with it.  I only have to worry about it on the rare occasion he comes here!  I really think he's a decent kid and I don't think he's getting a fair chance at life.  He lives in fairly rough conditions and he's not used to getting much.  Last Christmas he wanted a tablet so badly and was downhearted because he was sure he'd never get one.  His parents could never afford it.  And of course, thanks to "sort of" grandma and grandpa, he got one, and he was ecstatic.  Whenever he's here, he's on it.  I hope this is just an anomaly and not a direction he's taking.

Temperatures here jumped from the 40s to 95 in the last few days, and we finally turned on the air conditioner last night.  Piggy seemed momentarily nervous about it and hid in his little house but now he seems fine with it.  In fact, he's now turned his house upside down and he's eating hay.  Van Gogh couldn't care less.  Tonight I have to play in Kansas City...outdoors.  Not happy about that.

Cheri's doctor's appointment went OK yesterday.  Most of it was spent staring at gray walls just waiting.  It was mainly talking about her next surgery.  It shouldn't be anywhere near as serious as the last and should take place around the end of June.  John

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