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Golf Balls

Golf Balls

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by » Tue May 17, 2022 02:52 pm

This actually happened a few weeks back.  I have 2 iron lawn chairs behind the house.  They have this all weather padding and I just leave them out all year.  One day I saw a squirrel sitting on the back of one of the chairs, and it looked like he was somehow holding a golf ball in his mouth.  I couldn't figure out how he was holding it and I was afraid maybe he got something stuck on his face.  Anyway, when I went to the car he ran off and up my tree.

Well, the other day I found out what the golf ball was.  He had chewed an enormous hole in the padding of the chair that I couldn't see, and had practically emptied the back of the chair of any of the white stuffing inside.  It was stuffing, not a golf ball.  He must have been using it to insulate his nest.  It must be a nice nest too, as he'd taken enough to stuff a pillow.  Anyway, he's welcome to as much as he needs.  John

re: Golf Balls

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by » Tue May 17, 2022 03:07 pm

Perhaps he is the Mike Lindell of squirrels and is making squirrel "my nest pillows" for all his friends! ;)


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re: Golf Balls

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by » Wed May 18, 2022 05:12 pm

He's taken a lot of stuffing out of that thing.  Probably enough to fill a 2 gallon bucket.  Makes me wonder if he's the only one doing it.

Had a big thunderstorm last night.  No wind but lots of very close lightning and heavy rain.  Just before it hit we heard cats out in the back yard, apparently on a "date".  I see them out there once in a while at night, and they've worn a very distinct path across the yard from the neighbor's.  I'm always throwing out food for them and the birds.  John

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