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by » Sun May 22, 2022 05:10 pm

When I got up yesterday morning I didn't see Piggy in his cage.  I thought maybe Cheri had him out, but Cheri was gone.  Then I saw a pile of hay move.  Piggy had pulled all of his hay out of the manger and hid under it.  I couldn't see him at all.  I wish he wouldn't do that though.  If a guinea pig walks around on his hay he won't eat it, and he ruins almost half his hay that way.

Yesterday was the grandson's high school graduation.  It was in a 3150 seat exhibition center and there weren't enough seats for everybody.  It was mercifully short at about 2 hours and we left a bit early to beat the traffic.  We had a small celebration here at the house with a big cake and a few balloons.  About 9:00 PM, everybody left and Cheri and I decided we were hungry.  We hadn't eaten anything but a small piece of cake all day.  So we went to Perkins, which may be my favorite place here in town.  The local Denny's, (Karly's favorite place) closed down.  Peggy, we used those Denny's gift cards you gave us before it closed, and there may have been 2 or $3 left, so we just about used them up.  John

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by » Sun May 22, 2022 10:57 pm

John - perfect timing on sending you those gift cards to Denny's!  They weren't being used here so glad you were able to use them!  Peggy


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by » Mon May 23, 2022 12:36 pm

Piggy likes playing in the hay. :)

Highschool grad! Congrats to him!



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by » Mon May 23, 2022 05:04 pm

The old Denny's still sits here with the lights all on, looking like it's still open for business, but the sign has been taken down.  It wasn't my favorite place to eat but it was OK.  I was shocked at Karly's reaction though.  There were real tears when she heard!  There was no warning at all.  Business went way down when they closed the smoking area.  Then covid hit and they stopped going 24 hours.  They did big business in the middle of the night when all the bars closed so that was over.  When we last ate there they were having trouble getting food deliveries.  Within a week or so, they closed.  The first rumor was that it would be razed for a used car lot.  The next rumor was another restaurant.  Peggy, those Denny's cards really did come just in time!

The grandson was apparently the first one in his family to graduate.  Cheri was the one keeping an eye on his grades so I don't know how well he did but he did well enough so that his last semester he didn't have much to do.  He's working at McDonald's right now, part time, but hopes to get something with more money or more hours.  There are a few factories around and of course, every restaurant around is begging for help.

The weather here went from 95 to 45.  The furnace has been kicking on!  When we went to Perkins on graduation night, we came out about 10:00 PM and it felt like freezing!  Great weather to get sick in.

David, I hope everything's going OK there.  I assume you're in New Jersey at the moment.  John

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