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Sorry I have not been on for so long

Sorry I have not been on for so long

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by » Tue Jun 21, 2022 08:23 pm

Between dealing emotionally with moms death and the house sale, lack of original will, closing the guardianship... It has been a poop-show and I have just not had the energy and/or time.

The house closing should be end of June now and the internment of moms ashes will be September 2nd in West Point. Si I'll go out to NJ again that week and return the 3rd or 4th. I suspect that will be about my last trip to NJ as this chapter of my life closes (having a mother). *sigh* I just bought a hard rifle case to bring back dad's Springfield Armory 1903 WWI rifle in September. I will have it cleaned and tested and them, I hope I can bring it to the range. Always wanted to shoot it!

I have started pulling weeds again. Longer wait this year with mom in May and early June. So there is likely NO way I'll catch up now. Still, I like the time on the mountain side, talking to mom, past cats and just pondering as I repeatidly pull weeds to the point of blisters on my hands and feet (from climbing). ;) Now I am building up calluses so the blisters are fading.

So, John... How is Cheri and how are you doing? How is the weather down there?

Tim... How are you doing and what is new? Going to more concerts?

Peggy... You? What is new? I was talking to work about a Chicago trip sometime after moms interment, so whenever it is, perhaps we can have a dinner again and perhaps I can pick up a few more of the Buddy Foundation shirts!


David and the CoolCyberCats

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re: Sorry I have not been on for so long

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by » Tue Jun 21, 2022 08:47 pm

David I am doing ok mad at doctors because after they did their procedure they said it was low grade non invasive no spread did 2 ct scans xrays and numerous tests and bills on June 2 appointment it is still some cells there and we need to go in again. I have been to some concerts and have tickets to 1 more show on Sat June 25th and that will be last it is Riverdance for a while got to pay some bills down now. But I am glad you got most of your mothers affairs taken care care of. Hi John and Peggy I also hooe Cherie is doing well and the grandkids are too Van Gough and Piggy. Peggy How is Laila doing and well I hope also as are you. Just not been much to talk about here in Knoxville summer is here and its hot but the cats are good still even though some are quite old now and I worry about them. Tim

re: Sorry I have not been on for so long

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by » Wed Jun 22, 2022 11:49 am

David, glad to get an update from you. Think of you often and offer up prayers for strength for you as you deal with the legal issues and death of your mom.  Think it's wonderful her ashes will be with your dad at Westpoint. 

As usual, nothing new with me.  Laila doing great.  Have had some brutal temps already.  Monday and Tuesday 98-101.  Never even stepped out my front door.  Not a fan at all anymore of summer. 

Would be great to get together again if and when you come to town later in the year.  Buddy is only open by appointment.  As we get closer to the date you are in town I'll call and see if they allow visits and if they still sell the shirts.

Tim - also keeping you in my thought and prayers as you deal with your health issues.  Enjoy Riverdance!  Saw them many years ago and it's really something to see in person!

John - hoping all well with you also.  Really like your bits of trivia you post on Facebook. 


Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie

re: Sorry I have not been on for so long

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by » Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:22 pm

I would love to see RiverDance. Alas, most shows rarely come to the Helena area if even in Montana. 


David and the CoolCyberCats

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Cats Nap. Only Humans Put Them "To Sleep": Sterilize, Don't Euthanize!


re: Sorry I have not been on for so long

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by » Wed Jun 22, 2022 05:57 pm

I've been checking in every day but not wanting to bother anybody, knowing especially how rough things can be right now.  Whenever somebody dies, it seems like a "cosmic dump truck" comes along and says, "As long as you're feeling bad, here's a fresh load of problems to deal with.  Catch!"  I was fortunate that my Mom got a lot of things taken care of before she died.  Then there was my brother who took over the lion's share of the leftover problems.

I was in Chicago when Mom died, then again for the funeral, but that's been 3 years now and I think I mentioned before, I don't know that I'll ever see it again.

Peggy, I know we're FaceBook friends but I never knew you saw my trivia.  I'm always surprised at how many "likes" one post will get, and how many another post won't get.

The weather here has been mostly middle 90s.  About 3:30 PM I took Karly to the park and there was not one other person there!  I'm guessing it was because it was 101 degrees.  As I remarked to friends, "Even the drug dealers stayed home!"

Tim, I only have as much confidence in doctors as I absolutely have to.  With the aggressive cancer Cheri had, they said that even if they got it all, chances are it'll come back, and they won't consider her cancer free for 5 years.  It was exactly what my Mom had, but she fought it for about 40 years.  Part of what killed Mom was when she slipped on the ice and broke her hip, while on her way to radiation therapy.  Part of it was having to endure so many surgeries into her 80s.  The biggest part though, was doctor's incompetence.  I won't go into all that but, I'd never trust just one doctor any more than I'd have to.

Cheri seems to be doing pretty well.  She still likes going shopping in the mornings while I'm still in bed, almost every morning, and she still likes going out to eat almost every day.  I don't know what was wrong with me a couple of weeks ago but for about 3 days I was just tired all the time.  I wonder if it wasn't something I ate.  I seem to have lost the talent for sleeping though.  I could usually get to sleep in minutes.  Now I can lay around for an hour or more, then I wake up about every hour.  No idea what's causing that.  Maybe just thinking too much.

Glad to hear from everybody though!  I was getting worried!  John

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