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Belly Of The Beast

Belly Of The Beast

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by » Thu Jun 30, 2022 05:34 pm

We have a heavy back door and a storm door at the back of the house.  The other day Cheri opened the door and much to her surprise, she was face to face with a squirrel's tummy.  He was hanging from the wrought iron work at the top of the storm door!  He climbed back down and ran off of course.  Surprised them both,

Then the other night, I turned on the outside light and saw a cat sleeping under one of the cars.  Light didn't seem to bother him much.  The next day there was that same cat and another all white cat laying in the driveway.  The first cat ran across the street but the white one just lay there, making sure I didn't get too close.

Finally, guess who's back!  At least I guess it was him.  A few years ago, on the other side of an empty house next door, was a big pile of tree branches, and a groundhog lived under it.  One day I was sitting in the backyard and was shocked to see the groundhog, running and rolling around with 4 or 5 rabbits, almost seeming to be playing leapfrog with each other!  It was an amazing sight.  Since then, they cleared away the brush pile and built a new house there.  I never saw my groundhog again and feared the worst.  Then a few days ago, Cheri caught sight of a groundhog about a block away, then I saw him scurrying under a bush.  I can't say for sure it was the same groundhog but groundhogs are very rare around here.  Or maybe he had little ones.  Don't know.  But to paraphrase Montgomery Scott, "There be groundhogs here!"  John


re: Belly Of The Beast

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by » Fri Jul 01, 2022 04:21 pm

I wonder if the squirrel will venture near the house again? ;)

I remember you talking about a groundhog a while ago. I hope it is him!


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re: Belly Of The Beast

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by » Fri Jul 01, 2022 04:43 pm

We did have several squirrels playing in the big tree in the backyard.  I still see them around but possibly because of the neighborhood cats, they don't usually venture that close to the house.  One of them is probably the one who tore all the stuffing out of the chair in the backyard.

The groundhog we've only seen twice in the last couple of weeks.  They burrow underground so I have no idea where he might be living.  I don't think they range very far though and he was probably a couple blocks from where I'd want to live if I were a groundhog.  John

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