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by » Mon Jul 25, 2022 04:50 pm

Cheri's grandson has been working a lot lately so Cheri has taken on the job of walking the dog outside.  Yesterday she discovered that he seems to be afraid of the fire hydrant.  There's a hyrant in the southeast corner of the yard and apparently the dog won't go near it.  He'll stand there and bark at it and act like he's going to attack it, but he won't treat it the way most other dogs treat fire hydrants.

We also learned that he loves chasing his tail, around and around and around, but unlike some other dogs, he can catch it.  Then he'll stand there with the end of his tail in his mouth looking at us.  Piggy and the dog seem indifferent to each other but the cat does not like him.  He barks at the cat and they'll chase each other a bit.  No real fights, just some posturing.  He's rarely in the rest of the house though and spends most of his time in the grandson's room, so the cat doesn't seem very stressed out about anything.  If she was, I'd have to ban him from the rest of the house.  John

re: Hydrants

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by » Wed Jul 27, 2022 07:02 pm

Wait, what? Afraid fo the hydrant? How big is the dog? I am guessing a small dog? If so, what happns if you carry him over and hold him, do he freak? How does he feel about saplings?


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by » Thu Jul 28, 2022 06:19 pm

He doesn't seem to be afraid of anything but the fire hydrant, so as long as the hydrant doesn't make any threatening moves, I imagine he'll get used to it.  I was told he's half Chihuahua and half beagle so he's not very big.  Kind of like a very large Chihuahua.  He acts like a large Chihuahua too.  Not all laid back like Snoopy, but all hyper, constantly jumping, running and playing, tongue hanging out and a very loud yelp.  In the yard he loves to pick up sticks and carry them around, some of them very large.  In the house he loves to play with toys.  Thankfully, he doesn't bark a lot.  I really only see him a few minutes a day.  Most of the time he's in the grandson's room, much like the grandson who I also see just a few minutes a day.

Both the little grandkids are over most of the time now.  They're here during the week and gone on the weekends.  School starts in about a month and I don't know what's going to happen then.  (long, sordid story there.)

The furkids are all fine.  Having a little trouble keeping the cat out of Piggy's hay.  She drags it out on the floor and eats a little of it.  She's having fun anyway.  John

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