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Cats in the contest

Cats in the contest

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by » Thu Aug 25, 2022 12:17 pm

Yeah! Cats in the contest!


David and the CoolCyberCats

Forever in my heart

Cats Nap. Only Humans Put Them "To Sleep": Sterilize, Don't Euthanize!


re: Cats in the contest

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by » Thu Aug 25, 2022 05:18 pm

I saw that and voted for one of them before I realized there were 2.

Cheri was walking the grandson's dog up the street a few days ago about sundown, when 2 deer rushed by right in front of her at full gallop, heading south away from town.  Suddenly a third deer rushed by so close, she could have reached out and touched it.

We finally learned why the deer stopped coming by for a few years and suddenly started showing up again.  The deer would come up from the woods south of us, but someone living out in that direction started putting out salt blocks, so the deer would get that far and stop.  Those people moved away recently so no more salt blocks, and the deer have started coming into town again.

A couple of nights after the deer, I was sitting out on the porch after dark, when 5 racoons went running across the street, headed away from me.  When they got across the street they stopped and looked at me for a minute, then disappeared into the brush on the other side.  At least one of them was no doubt, the one I see in the garbage occasionally.  John

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