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by » Mon Oct 31, 2022 01:08 pm

Happy Halloween!  John

Surprisedre: Halloween

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by » Mon Oct 31, 2022 02:05 pm



David and the CoolCyberCats

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re: Halloween

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by » Mon Oct 31, 2022 04:04 pm

Happy Halloween! Peggy and Laila


Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie

re: Halloween

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by » Tue Nov 01, 2022 04:59 pm

I did get to spend an interesting Halloween.  My water heater needed replaced and I had to be up early to meet the guy.  It's a gas heater and I'm not messing around with anything like that.  I'd end up blowing up the house.  The water heater was in a small closet.  Too small apparently.  The newer water heaters are bigger around with more insulation so, the doorway had to be cut out!  Anyway, the doorway is back in place and we have a shiny new water heater.  It was an even $1000 but he gave me a $100 break for paying in cash.

Late afternoon we took the kids "trunk-or-treating" to several different places, and even hit a few houses.  "Treating" from house to house is getting more and more rare.  It's just so much easier to have everything concentrated in one place, no keeping the car running while you creep all over dark neighborhoods, dodging kids in the streets with dark constumes.  I actually started feeling sorry for those homes still passing out treats, as I know they don't get the visitors they used to, and it's just as much fun for them as for the kids.  Afterward, Cheri wanted to go out for pizza so that was her treat.  Friday we took the kids to the downtown "trick-or-treat", where businesses all along the main street pass out candy.  This has been one exhausting week.  John

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