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by » Sat Dec 17, 2022 05:15 pm

I still see my little squirrel buddy running around.  I guess I'll call him "Feather", because that bright, white, thunb'sized spot on his left side looks so much like a feather growing out of him.  Last time I saw him, he was across the street where they just tore down that house.  We're fortunate we don't live on heavily traveled streets.  I worry enough about him as it is.

The cold, cold, cold set in.  No more above freezing days for a while.  My British friends have been telling me about their bad weather and I was shocked to find out they've been having rolling black-outs because Russia cut their oil supplies.  Every day for 3 hours, no electricity, but at least they know to the minute when it's going out.  I had no idea things were that bad there.  I had no idea either, that Russia was making that much money selling oil to the west, which they're not getting anymore.  Well, as one of my favorite expressions goes, "Don't start nothing, won't be nothing."

It occured to me the other day, that all my big expenses in November, involved water.  There was water damage behind my gutters that had to be replaced.  That cost me about $80 in lumber and screws and a bunch of trips up and down the ladder, I had to replace my clothes dryer for about $250, the water pump on the car for $400, and my water heater for $900.

Still getting geared up for Christmas here.  Seems like there are even more Christmas lights around town than usual.  I wasn't sure how things were going to be but it looks like another giant Christmas here.  Cheri came in this morning with a new set of roller blades for Karly.  I took her skating a few nights ago and she decided that's what she wanted, among other things.  When I was a kid, my Mom and grandma always went nuts for Christmas, and I thoroughly enjoy carrying on the tradition.  I can't help it.  I love being a real Santa Claus.  John

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by » Sun Dec 18, 2022 10:49 pm

I hear ya omn the cold. We are now below 0 for highs and Wednesday night will be the worst at an expected 35 below and a day high of 17 below. Eh, I can complain some, but really I do n ot mind. I am not standing outside with no clothes on, so I am fine wit the cold. Thankfully it goes back int o the 30's a week from today.


I hear Germany and France are hit really bad because of oil now too.


I was sad this year we do not have a midnight mass Christmas eve. Not sure why. Oh well. I guess Saturday vigil mass.



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by » Mon Dec 19, 2022 05:59 pm

It just never gets as cold here as it does in Montana, but it gets bad enough for me.  Friday is our day to get and stay below zero, which is as cold as it ever gets here.  I seriously miss having a garage.  The cars just sit out there exposed to everything.

It's odd you're not having a midnight mass this year.  I'd never been to one but I had a few friends who just loved it.  Very curious as to why you're not.

The furkids are great.  Van Gogh is still snuggling up to my face at night.  The bedroom is becoming crowded with wrapped and unwrapped presents.  There are quite a few in my "man-cave" and quite a few already under the tree.  Wrapping can be tedious work and it's extra work when things come in odd shapes and not square boxes.  But I'm pretty good at it.  Must be the Santa Claus in me.  John

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