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by » Wed Mar 22, 2023 04:38 pm

I can't remember whether I mentioned it or not because I talked about it on FaceBook, but I started working again last week.  It was my first time on stage in 10 months and I can tell you, I was plenty nervous about it.  We were not supposed to go out for another month but a place in Kansas City was practically begging us to come in and do it.  I was afraid that after 10 months I might screw up some of the trickier stuff, but I got through it all OK.  It was a biker bar and it was so biting cold that for the first time ever, there was not one bike but it was still packed.  I was genuinely relieved to know I could still do it.  John

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by » Wed Mar 22, 2023 04:44 pm

I'll never convince you to try to book out here, huh? ;)


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by » Thu Mar 23, 2023 03:47 pm

LOL He can barely get me to book as far away as Kansas.  The closest I got to you was Dickinson North Dakota, 557 miles east of you.  I never would have guessed it was that far.  I was there about 3 weeks and it was like a whole other planet.  John

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