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by » Wed Nov 01, 2023 06:04 pm

We spent 2 evenings taking the kids trick-or treating.  It's usually "trunk-or-treating" which is safer for everybody in a lot of ways, and a lot more convnient.  Churches and businesses put them on in parking lots where you might see 15 or 20 cars handing out treats from decorated trunks.  One lady let the kids choose from a bunch of different kid's books.  The kids loved that.  (I like to think "Grandpa" is rubbing off on them there.)  Last night though, the wind was so cold it sucked a little of the fun out of it and I thanked all the people doing it for braving the cold.

Door to door treating has diminished considerably but as a lady pointed out a few weeks ago, a lot of people love handing out treats, so we made the extra effort to drive around hitting individual houses.  Not a lot of them, but several.  If it hadn't been so cold, I'm sure we'd have done more but the kids had a great time.  John

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by » Wed Nov 01, 2023 07:40 pm

It was all door to door when I grew up. I remember staying out till nearly 11pm a few times!


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by » Thu Nov 02, 2023 05:34 pm

Door to door whenI grew up too, but I don't remember being out all that late.  By 10:00 all the porch lights were out and we were home going through out haul.

Someone finally started eating my corn!  I guess sometime on Halloween.  At least half the corn on one cob was gone and there were loose kernals laying all around it.  The cob up on the table, maybe 2 kernals were missing but otherwise it was untouched.  I saw a squirrel out there running around yesterday but it wasn't feather.  Still no sign of him for quite a while.  John

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by » Fri Nov 03, 2023 06:10 pm

I know my mouth dropped open when I saw it.  Yesterday, that entire corn cob was simply gone!  They dragged it off someplace.  The one I had sitting upright on the table had a few more kernals missing but was largely untouched, so I took it off the table and left it on the ground.  I'll go out and check it in a few hours.  Odd that they sat there over a month without being touched and now...John

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