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by » Thu Nov 02, 2023 06:07 pm

Today is a "Bridge" anniversary.  About 23 years and 5 hours ago, I had to let Poof go.  She was about 15 years and 6 months old.  Nothing before or since has ever hit me so hard or hurt so bad.  Thanks to you, somewhere around Chicago is a brick with her name on it.  (I still have the picture.)  I was determined never to go through that kind of pain again.  Then just 2 weeks later, in the middle of November, I met Monster.  Monster was a hand sized kitten, living under a mobile home in the cold, thoroughly infested with fleas and a tapeworm.  If I didn't rescue her, she'd have a short and miserable existence.  So of course, I brought her home.  Monster lived a happy, healthy and secure life for 15 years, but not alone.  During that time I started rescuing strays.  The house was environmentally stretched with 6 more cats and Monster.  On top of that, there were 15 more living outside that I was feeding.

I'm sure you remember how I fixed up my garage for them in the winter.  Even leaving the door up about a foot, the garage for some reason never seemed to get below 32 degrees.  They had boxes to play and hide in, blankets to lay on, 2 litter boxes, and all the food and water they could eat around the clock.  They even had that electric heating pad you gave me and I'd often see 3 or 4 of them crowded together sitting on it.  When I had to move, a lady who loved them as much as I did, took over for me.

All of it, was a direct result of the love I had for Poof.  That includes Van Gogh, who lives with me now.  Poof could never know or understand the tremendous impact her existence had on so many others.  There were far more than the peak of 22 I was taking care of.  So many died that I lost count, each loss hurting terribly.  Many others moved away and exploited some other humans.  I know this because after a long absence, many of them returned temporarily.  One was missing for 3 years,then suddenly returned and when I opened the door she came right in and went directly to the food bowl in another room, as though nothing ever happened, then disappeared again.

On the first of every month, every cat I took care of got their picture taken.  (Sometimes more often.)  I still look at a different picture every day.  None of them are ever forgotten, and never will be, until I'm forgotten.  John

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by » Thu Nov 02, 2023 06:53 pm

I always do not look forward to those anniversaries. Far too many of them, but still I always remember and think of them, actually most days in general. Today I was remembering ^Andromeda^ and Apollo as kittens and ^Hamlet^.


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