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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

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by » Sun Dec 24, 2023 06:05 pm

Cheri spent last night as sick as she's ever been.  Almost seems like a bad case of stomach flu.  Her sugar was good and there was no fever but she kept trying to whorf all day and all night.  The grandkids wanted to come over last night but she was just too sick.

She had planned on having Christmas about noon today because the grandson has to work this afternoon and evening, but it's about 11:30 now and she just went back to bed about a half hour ago.  Sleeping better now than she did all night.

That all left the Christmas work up to me.  The house is kind of a wreck because I didn't have time to straighten up after all the wrapping.  I wrapped until 11:30 last night when the last of the presents went under the tree.  One bicycle is still in the box so it got wrapped.  The other bicycle is put together so there's just a big fuzzy blanket thrown over it.  (I'm not trying to wrap a bicycle.)  I went through I think, about 5 rolls of wrapping paper.

I still have gifts for my brother's family but I don't know when they'll get delivered.  Not today and probably not tomorrow.

A neighborhood cat has been hanging around lately, obviously because I've been feeding it.  He (or she) has taken to waiting for me in one of the outdoor chairs.  He's still pretty leary of me and won't come too close, but doesn't seem terrified of me either.  As I made one last shopping trip yesterday, I noticed that one of my corn cobs was pulled to the other side of the road, so somebody's eating good.  It was next to the vacant lot to the east.  There are maybe a half dozen trees there with a squirrel's nest in one of them.

Right now it's pretty quiet this Christmas Eve, which would be fine with me, but it's not supposed to be.  The grandkids are still with their parents and eventually I'll have to get out and go get them.  It's an unseasonal 60 degrees out and raining.  It really looks like Christmas in here, but it doesn't feel much like it.  John

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by » Mon Dec 25, 2023 06:22 pm

It's Christmas morning and Cheri is in the hospital.  She was so sick yesterday that at about 4:00 I took her in.  She was seriously nauseous, trying to whorf but hadn't had anything to eat or drink for 2 days.  Severely dehydrated they gave her what looked to me like about 4 liters of glucose and a small pouch of something else.  Her potassium was too high and her electrolytes were all messed up and her white blood cell count was too high.  They gave her something to control her nausea but I don't think it kicked in till this morning.  She's still not the least bit hungry.  They kept her up last night till about 4:30 AM.  I tried talking to her on the phone after I got home but she was still too nauseous to stay on it.

One of her sons is sick, her grandson is just getting over being sick, and the granddaughter is sick.  I was just sick for that one day and then not very bad,  They asked if she was around kids and of course she had been, so I'm wondering if I wasn't right about a stomach flu or something bringing this all on.  She tested negative for Covid.  They test her for that every time she goes in for something.

I was there with her for almost 8 hours before I finally came home.  We were worried that they might transfer her to another hospital but they didn't.  I'm looking pretty greasy because I had to spend so much time in the rain yesterday and I've just got to clean up before I go back in to see her.  The house is still a wreck which would drive her crazy and I want to try to straighten it up a bit before she comes home.  Of course, the presents are all still here waiting for the kids so that much won't change.

She's going to be in the hospital until at least the day after Christmas.  The grandkids had Christmas with their parents this morning but of course, all other Christmas plans are on hold.  We were supposed to do it last night and Cheri's Mom was supposed to have it at noon today.  This will be one for the history books.  John

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by » Mon Dec 25, 2023 11:59 pm

John I am sorry to hear about Cheri being so sick and hope things will get better for her and you. Christmas is just another day to me as are all holidays. Hi Peggy and David Hope you feeling better David. Tim

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by » Tue Dec 26, 2023 06:21 pm

Thank you Tim.  I just brought Cheri home and she's feeling a lot better.  Mostly I think, dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance.

Having family so spread out I'm used to having Christmases days apart, but this has been quite a mess.  The day after Christmas the house still looks like Christmas Eve.

I suppose holidays are little chances for me to revisit my childhood.  Decorating for Halloween and Christmas, essentially taking over my Mom's Christmas duties.  Picking out gifts, hiding them, wrapping, putting them around the tree, watching the kids excitement when they unwrap everything.  I figure I'm creating memories they'll remember all their lives, and hopefully pass along to their kids.

Cheri's had me working nonstop since she got home.  I figured she would but I thought maybe I'd have a few minutes before she did.  I didn't get a lot of sleep before I had to go get her and the weather turned cold.  I'm so glad she's feeling better now.  But I'm thinking of taking her back to the hospital for a couple more days.  John

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by » Wed Dec 27, 2023 05:15 pm

John, what a wonderful and loving husband you are. Glad to hear Cheri is feeling better. I continue to keep her and especially you in my thoughts and prayers.

Saying hi to Tim and David and let's all hope we all have a better new year than we had this year.  Peggy and Laila


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by » Thu Dec 28, 2023 04:26 pm

Sorry I missed your CHristmas post John! I am glad Cheri is home. Is EVERYONE sick?? I am still getting over what I have, but thankfully I was not affected in my stomach has she was! I would not deal with that too!

You are a great husband and do so much! When she is well again, take a day off, stay in bed or go out and enjoy yourself!


How is she doing today? Did you end up back at the hospital?


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