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Cold going FINALLY

Cold going FINALLY

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by » Fri Jan 19, 2024 02:32 pm

Was it ever COLD here then snow! Last week we were in the midst of a serious artic blast. Day highers were no warmer than 20 below and then last weekend Saturday our day high was (sounding to nearest 10) -40 and that is NOT windchill. The sustained -30 below for days before destroyed my SUV. Killed the battery, froze the air conditioner compressor (I had no idea there was a green fluid in it) that caused it to expand and crack it, cracked the starter too. I did have some work on a leak i was having done that was like $800 and the apt was Monday this week, but the added damage made my repair take 5 days and close to $3k. I am not a happy driver right now. After a week trapped in the house, I finally got it back last night and I need to do a munch of shopping after work today. Then we got snow 2 times and about 8 inches 2 nights ago. I think I prefer snow over -40. Since my suv was nonfunctional since last Wednesday on the weekend, I was unable to go to mass, so I wated it online. Father Marc on Sunday said starting his homily that he returned from a retreat Saturday and it was -39f at the Cathedral. He then went on to note that the holy water basin (big enough for babies) at the front has started to freeze over. At the end of the mass he invided everyone to go touch the holy ice in the fonts. Funny. I'll put up a link at the end of this message to where he starts the homily and notes the temp and ice. You can hear it within 30 seconds of the video start. Between last weekend and being so sick in December I made only 1 mass over the last month. Happy winter everyone! And Peggy, I hear you got snow and it was cold there also. How are you holding up?

Tim, how are you? How is there weather in your area? I hope you are well and warm!

John, how is Cheri? Does the email on your account work? Was gunna send you an email but I'll wait till I know it works, or you can send me one so I know it if that is alright.


Here is the video link:Father Marc


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re: Cold going FINALLY

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by » Fri Jan 19, 2024 06:50 pm

Wow, I've never heard of the cold doing that to a car, but then I've never lived at -40.  I think maybe -20 is the coldest I've ever seen it.  I know it's hard on batteries but I've never heard of it cracking a starter or exploding an air conditioner.  I do have a friend, (a chess teacher) over in Idaho who runs a snow plow and he's been crazy busy, but that also means he stays in and cranks out the chess videos.

Down here it's been way colder than usual, bouncing around and below zero for a long time.  It's been snowing a lot, though not accumulating to more than a few inches.  School was out a lot of days because of slick roads.  I'm not a sports follower but last week the Kansas City Chiefs played the coldest game in their history at -4.

I still have to get out once in a while and I'm playing tomorrow night, but that flu or whatever it was really had a bad effect on me.  My skin looks all dehydrated.  I went weeks eating almost nothing and some days nothing at all, and I was sleeping 12 hours a day.  My appetite and energy are very slowly coming back.  My cough and my throat are better but my sinuses are still giving me fits.  If I've ever felt worse, I don't remember.

Cheri is a little up and down but hasn't been so bad since she got out of the hospital the day after New Year's.  She's sleeping a lot.  She's been sick too but it doesn't seem to have effected her the way it did me.

I doubt if my Email is the same and as I mentioned, I almost never check it.  Would a text be better?  I rarely check texts either but I do a lot more often than Email.  John

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