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by » Mon Feb 19, 2024 06:17 pm

For some time, maybe a couple of months now, I've been feeding a stray.  I feed him about the same time every day and that's about the only time I see him.  At least I guess he's a stray.  I have no idea where he really lives.  I just know the poor guy, (or girl) has been outside in snow and rain, and temperatures from 70 to below zero.

He's very nervous around people.  He'll wait till I feed him and walk away before he'll come over to eat, and if anyone else comes around he'll get far away and wait.  He has a disturbing habit of hiding under the cars so I'm really careful pulling out if I don't know where he is.

While all cats are beautiful, some people might not think he was.  He's mostly black but with blotches of orange scattered all over.

I fed him yesterday then went out a while later to take out garbage, and he was still here.  As I went back in I saw him walk over to where I usually feed him and I'd swear he looked disappointed.  So I went back in and brought out more food, which he went for as soon as I walked away.  I haven't named him, (or her) yet.  John

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by » Tue Feb 20, 2024 12:38 pm

John, thank you so much for feeding this little guy. I hope he has a safe place to go to when he is not by you. Peggy 


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by » Tue Feb 20, 2024 04:40 pm

Yeah, I don't know where he goes during the day or night.  He may live in a nicer house than I do!  Or he may live in a ditch.  I just don't know.  I have a shed with a lean-to next to it where we keep a lawn mower and the kid's bicycles.  He could go in there to get out of the weather but there's no evidence he's ever done that.  Sometimes he heads toward a nearby trailer court and I wonder if maybe he lives under a mobile home.  I've rescued more than one from under mobile homes.

I'd gladly bring him inside but I think Cheri would kill me.  The grandson's over-hyper dog would terrify him and Van Gogh isn't used to other cats so that might not go well.  Besides that, he's very skittish around me and especially so toward anybody else, and it'll probably take some work just to get him used to me being close.  I do think he's beginning to realize that I'm a friendly source of food.  John

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by » Tue Feb 20, 2024 05:09 pm

The ferals really do know how to adapt and I do think they much prefer living outside as they've known no other way of living. I still miss feeding all the ferals at work when I used to work. Peggy


Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie

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by » Tue Feb 20, 2024 08:32 pm

I think a black and orange cat would be cute! Perhaos he will come in one day!


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by » Wed Feb 21, 2024 07:50 pm

He, (or she) is beautiful, even if not everyone may think so.  He probably won't be coming inside for the reasons I mentioned.  He could make himself fairly comfortable in our lean-to, but he doesn't so he stays somewhere else.

I don't really feed him a lot but yesterday for the first time, I noticed he didn't quite eat it all.  So, I'm thinking he's probably eating somewhere else too.  His reluctance to be close to me, and especially to anybody else, makes me think he really is feral but found a second source of food.

I go out to meet the grandkids when they get home from school about the same time every weekday, and set out his food then, so that's about when he usually shows up.  He's terrified of the school bus and the kids though so lately he's been showing up a little later, when the bus is gone and the kids are inside.

Peggy, I remember you feeding the ferals where you worked and you worrying about them.  Wasn't one of them named Roomba, or something like that?  I've always wondered about them but was afraid to ask.  John

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