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by » Fri Apr 05, 2024 12:42 pm

You have been quiet. Is CHeri okay? How are you?


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re: John?

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by » Fri Apr 05, 2024 06:01 pm

Thanks for asking, David.  I've always got something to say but I worry I'm talking everybody's ears off.  Cheri hasn't started any treatments yet.  Some mornings she feels OK and some she feels pretty rotten, but I think that's more because she has trouble controling her blood sugar.  She asked me if I'd get the kids up for school this morning so I knew she didn't feel great, but a few hours later she was up getting dressed and she's either out shopping or driving one of her kids around somewhere.  She does that a lot.

Myself, I mowed the yard for the first time this year.  Last year I bought a used rider and used it twice.  I felt pretty lazy using it but it's just so much faster!  Still, there's a lot that has to be push mowed, the ditches and around trees, bushes, poles, the shed, etc.  This year though, the rider conked out on me after maybe going 60 feet, and I don't know what's wrong with it.  So, I had to push mow the whole thing again.  I was out there almost 6 hours, although that included time fooling with the rider trying to get it going right.  I only gave a neighbor $50 for it so successfully using it twice almost paid for it.  (It is a big yard.)  No idea what's wrong with it and no idea what it'll cost to fix it, or whether it's worth it.  I do know that if I don't start taking better care of myself, I won't be push mowing it very much longer.  At best it takes about 3 hours to push it and some places like the ditches are a lot of work before I even get started on the rest of it.

I still haven't seen Feather this year but yesterday there was a squirrel climbing around on the rider I left out, and my new cat buddy is still visiting me every day, although he was missing for a couple of days and had me worried, but he's back.  As I mowed the other day, I found clean corn cobs all over the yard, and even one in the lean-to next to the shed, where i normally keep the rider and the kid's bicycles.  Here's Piggy having breakfast a few days ago.  

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