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by » Mon Jul 29, 2019 07:24 pm

Hmmm. I jusr read a news story on the north hill fire. It is closer to home than I thought AND now 4400 acres (sunday night) and zero percent contained. THis is a overlay of the thermal map of the fire last night and bing maps. THe red tot on the lower right is my house. Hoping it does not move more towards my home. I know from other fires out here that they can jump rivers easily.

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by » Mon Jul 29, 2019 05:45 pm

As forested as it is around here, I can only remember one forest fire in over 30 years in the area.  The only casualty was when a firefighter parked his car off the road.  While he was out fighting the fire, the fire got his car.  It amazes me that it doesn't happen all the time.

I imagine the kid in the wreck, his friends probably had a good idea why it happened, whether it was drugs or just a general recklessness.  Of course, they'll know pretty quick if it was texting.  Some people are sadly predictable.  I can't imagine taking my attention off the road long enough to text, especially in town.  I don't even like talking on the phone and driving.

I just finished a long, 3 day weekend, every day it was outdoors, but it was only in the 80s, much better than the usual 90s.  I'm still worn out.  It's draining just standing there but it's also rough unloading and loading equipment.  I'm carrying 100 to 150 pound cabinets, all hunched over and with my knees bent, through the trailer.  My drummer can't figure out why that's so hard...but he's at least a foot shorter than I am!  Add lifting that stuff up on and down off of 4 foot stages, (one piece weighs over 300 pounds) and it's a lot of work.  I was pretty stiff Sunday morning but it didn't last long.  Oddly enough, I've found that more sit-ups seem to help there.  John

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by » Mon Jul 29, 2019 01:27 pm

This is the smoky view of the lake Satuday from the bedroom window.

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by » Mon Jul 29, 2019 01:26 pm

I only see PErsius on the couch right now, but they all move around. Usually most like to sleep on my bed.

It is not that cool here yet, 71 in the house and 58 or so this morning as the sun came up.

Interesting weekend. Friday I spotted smoke on the north hills. The news Friday night said they were getting it under control, but the winds changed and it exploded out Saturday. By Saturday evening it was so smoky at the house that you could hardly make out the lake through the windows and it was a strong smell of burned pine. The winds blew in a new direction Sunday and a lot of the smoke cleared, but still smelled bad. Sunday as I was weeding I watched many of the planes that drop fire retardant fly almost overhead and over my mountain and several helecopters with the big water buckets. This moring the mountains in the direction of the fire (at twlight) were not visible through the smoke so I fo not know if it is contained or not yet. I think it is a couple thousand acres so far. THis is the fire as seen from the development where I live on Friday about 4pm.


Saturday morning on the way to a training class, about 7:40 I passed a huge crash. 7 or 8 police cars, 2 ambulances and a fire truck. A pickup was crushed under a double semi and the cab was about 2 feet tall now. No way anyone lived. On the news that night I saw the story, a 19 year old guy hit the truck as it was turning out on the highway. "Speed was a factor" as they said. No duh. The kid had to either been texting (to NOT see a slow moving double semi turning since the road is flat and visible for miles) or drunk or high. It is sad that happened, but it did so I hope that someone learned a lesson from it (his friends or another teen who saw it). At least it would help save another that way and not be just a pure tragedy only.
The crash happened about 6:45am and a neighbor passed the area while going garage sailing, about 11am and there was still a ton of police there marking up the road.


3 On The Couch

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by » Sat Jul 27, 2019 03:31 pm

Wow, there were 3 cats on your couch this morning.  That almost never happens.  Did it suddenly get cold up there?  John

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