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by » Mon Sep 02, 2019 04:08 pm

I was told that there is a 22 bullet that is less powerful, so it's quieter and does less wear on the rifle, but that it leaves more residue and you have to clean it more often.  I always cleaned mine every time anyway, but I never ran across the bullets.  Besides, I probably have at least 2 "bricks" left that I'd want to use first.

Not wanting chunks of lead all over the land, we used a large wood block to stop the bullets.  We might not always hit the target but we were good enough to always hit the wood.  The shells of course, would drop right next to us and we picked those up but they'd never be more than a few feet away.

Dad's land was heavily wooded and we were in the shade all the time.  That may have made it more difficult to see the dull, gray gunsight.  I experimented with neon pink, neon yellow and neon green.  The green didn't help much but both the yellow and pink worked well.  I had to be careful to just get the smallest bit on the sight.  Too much seemed to make it harder to see.

The experiment with the water bottles was interesting in that the bullet almost always veered to the right.  It finally dawned on me that this may have been because of the spin of the bullet.  We never were able to determine how far it would go before it stopped.

Neither Dad or I had any interest in killing anything but we did enjoy those target shoots.  We kept meticulous track of the percentage of our hits and misses.  It was always somewhere just below 90%.  I do miss having Dad around to do that with and don't have much interest in doing it myself.  John

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by » Sun Sep 01, 2019 11:01 pm

Yup, I think I do shoot better left handed. This is my target on my 2nd time shooting (right handed then).

My neighbor who goes with me sometimes says I am a natural since I am still below my 10th time shooting and I group so well. I just know it is fun. And remember I only will shoot double action, and they say that makes it harder. My neighbor says the pull on my 5" and dad's 6" revolvers feels like about 8 or 9 lbs. He likes shooting them on single action (he cocks the hammer by hand the uses the trigger to release the hammer).

I like the 38 specials better than the 22, but the 22 is so much cheaper to use. For some reason I do not group as well with the 22, but it may have to do with the amno I am using. I have tried 2 brans thus far and will try some more soon.

Shooting outsode sounds fun, but I do not want to join the local outdoor range here, it is in Townsend that I cannot drive 30+ minutes to get there and shoot over junch. Just going and returnin is my hour. I know I can shoot on the BLM above my house, but I won't because I would want to find all the bullets to remove them from the land and that may be a pain in the arse. So I am most happty with the indoor range for now. I am hoping they start leagues there, it would be a great way to learn to shoot better I think. ALso, I did take a Basic Gun Safety class a couple months ago here as well. I also shot my neighbors new Sig P365 9mm pistol, but am not one who likes semi automatic pistols and it has a recoil and concusion that I did nto like too. The steel revolvers (even with a 357 +P) with a 4+" barrel do not have that kick.

I know what you mean about the sigt being hard to see. The older pistols I have are fixed sights and sometimes can be hard to see. I like the idea of the dot on the front sight, that may help some. I should try that. :)

I can understand why the bullets went to the right or left on your bottles. The liquid won't compress like air, amking a real drag (pun intended) on the bullets. ;)

Since I like the linger barrels, Iwould just LOVE to find a great condition 9-12" barrel 38 special or 357 of Once I am done with all the house repair bill I need to start keeping an eye out. What I do not want is a laser sight. I sort of feel like that is cheating on target shooting. 

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by » Sat Aug 31, 2019 04:53 pm

So, you're right handed and left-eyed?  Did you do better shooting left-handed then?  That's a pretty tight grouping.

Of course, on a rifle, shooting long distance, you use that sight at the end of the barrel, which was a kind of dull gray, and depending on the light, I couldn't always see it very well.  So, I put just a dot of neon pink paint on it.  That really helped.

There's actually a bullet factory here in town with an underground testing range, but I'm not sure it's open to the public.  There's an outdoor range north of town but I've never been there.  Dad's place, where we used to shoot, was in the woods and fairly isolated.  We found a big block of wood to catch the bullets and measured off 100 feet.  The plastic, fist sized bottles we shot at, the bullets would pass right through them, and we'd use marker to circle the holes, then go back and keep shooting it till we had to replace it.

We once lined up 2 liter bottles of water to see how many a bullet would pass through.  We found that the bullets would always veer off to one side or the other, never passing through more than 5 or 6 before it veered off course.  Interesting, but failed experiment.  John

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by » Fri Aug 30, 2019 04:45 pm

This was the target from the first time I shot left handed.

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by » Fri Aug 30, 2019 04:43 pm

I do not hunt but have taken up shooting at the indoor range here. I have had my father's revolver (Smith and Wesson pre-model 10 from about '46 38 special with a 6" barrel) for a long time and when the range opened decided to use it. But the gunsmith I have used to check it and the range people oggled over how mint it was, likley fired less than 100 times, so I felt guilty using it. After a few weeks I decided to get one to replace using it with and bought a '71 Model 10 Smith and Wesson 38 special with a 5" barrel. But the cost of 38 specials are not cheap and being I burn through 50 rounds each time I go to the range, I decided to to get another, a Smith and Wesson Model 17 Materpiece (here) which is a .22. Far cheaper to shoot. $5 a box of 50 or $25 for 500 rounds.

I love the revolvers and only shoot double action.

Oddly, I am left eye dominate and was shooting with my right hand, so I changed to left handed shooting and did quite well.

If you have an indoor range there, you may like to shoot the rifle again. :)

The image here is my father's revolver that I no longer use.

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by » Fri Aug 30, 2019 04:23 pm

I do have a rifle.  A 22, semi-automatic Marlin.  It was bought by my grandmother for my grandfather from Sears, but I couldn't even say for sure what decade that was, probably the 40s.  It was handed down to my Dad and then to me.  We used to go out target shooting, mostly little plastic bottles about the size of your fist, at 100 feet.  The only thing I ever killed with it was a snake, which is quite a trick with a 22.  I'm just not the bloodthirsty type.  I haven't had it out in well over 15 years and I'll probably never shoot it again.  John

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