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by » Wed Sep 04, 2019 03:49 pm

I look for all the world like I should be playing in some country band with a jug and a washboard, but I'm doing a Van Halen riff here.  Our flagship song, the one everybody anticipates and waits for, is "Do You Feel" by Peter Frampton.  Everybody loves that "Talk Box" and I get a lot of questions about it.  "Do you suck on that thing or blow into it, or do you hum into it?"  None of the above, of course.  John


re: Towering

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by » Tue Sep 03, 2019 07:52 pm

Cool picture, but I wish you were facing the front. ;)

Glad the band was not mad about your real amps too.


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by » Tue Sep 03, 2019 04:28 pm

About a month ago we opened for a "Kiss tribute" band called "Almost Kiss".  Opening for a band means we set up our equipment in front of theirs and then take it down before they start.  To make it look like "Kiss", they had a wall of fake Marshall amplifiers set up behind them.  They were just empty wooden boxes made to look like Marshalls, with a couple of little, suitcase sized amplifiers behind them.

When I set up my real Marshall, it just towered over the fakes.  I was embarrassed and amused all at the same time.  I felt a little bad about making their setup look so obviously fake but then, it was fake!  The guys in the band were all very nice and they could have been mad or upset about it but they seemed more impressed than anything.  I will give them credit though.  They sounded just like "Kiss" and their costumes were perfect.  Aside from the fake stuff behind them, you'd swear they must be the real thing.

This was a picture of us during setup.  That was me, all dressed in denim, (showing my best side) talking to the sound man.  I think my drummer snapped the picture because that's my bass player on the left in the hat, and my singer grinning as she adjusted her mic stand.  John

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