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by » Sun Dec 15, 2019 09:21 pm

I think that is more than a good reason to have one. :)

re: Deer

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by » Fri Dec 13, 2019 05:03 pm

When I watched that video I wasn't sure how far back it would be.  so when I got to the right one, I had to watch it for a couple minutes, nothing in sight, no lights or traffic, and even though I was sitting inmy living room, I knew that deer was suddenly going to appear any second, and there it was galloping across the highway.  I could tell exactly when I hit the brakes because of the camera flipping up.  Before it flipped up though, I could see from the video I was going to miss it.  I wasn't that sure when it happened.

About 2 years ago I was driving Cheri's grandson to school when some guy in a big pickup ran a red light and T-boned me.  Fortunately, an emergency paramedic was coming from the opposite direction and rushed over to make sure I was OK, and told police it was unquestionably the other guy's fault as I had the green light.  I was so grateful for her statement but it would have been all the more satisfying if I'd had a video showing the light.  The police knew the paramedic and told me I couldn't have had a better witness, but a video of the whole thing would have been icing on that cake.  That's the main reason I always use it now.  John

re: Deer

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by » Fri Dec 13, 2019 02:16 pm

DO you have the car cameras in case you are pulled over?

I wish my backup camera could be viewed while I am driving, it would be nice to see how close someone is to me.

re: Deer

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by » Fri Dec 13, 2019 01:30 pm

That must have been hard to re-watch!  One time I was visiting my aunt in K.C. maybe twenty years ago, I was driving her car and a deer ran out in front of me.  Thankfully I was able to stop/slow down before I hit it.  It happens so fast!  Really shook me up!  Peggy


Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie


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by » Thu Dec 12, 2019 05:06 pm

I finally looked at the video of me coming home from Kansas City 5 days ago and the deer running out in front of me.  (Made me a little nervous just watching it.)  There were no lights around and no trafic, just suddenly there it was, very close, and only for a brief second.  The instant I hit the brakes the camera flipped up, but I don't think it missed much.  I didn't realize how loose the swivel on it was becoming, because I routinely switch it from one car to the other and have to readjust it every time I do.  It was closer than I ever want it to be.  John

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