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by » Tue Feb 18, 2020 05:04 pm

I never even thought to ask what they were screaming about.  This area is usually pretty quiet at night, except for the odd truck or loud car rumbling by, so just about anything that happens, you're going to hear it.  The night after that incident, Cheri heard a couple of cats screaming at each other just outside the bedroom.  I explained that they were probably just "dating", although I have no idea why they always seem to pick bedroom windows to do that next to.  John

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by » Tue Feb 18, 2020 02:48 pm

Could she hear what they were yelling or arguing about? Was it Valentine's related? Like "You did not get me roses!" "I got you chocolate!" "But you think I'm fat!". 


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The Hood

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by » Sat Feb 15, 2020 07:17 pm

Last night I played Kansas City and got home a little earlier than usual, at about 3:30.  The band was in the mood to hurry up and get packed and loaded.  As soon as I was ready to unlock the door to come in, Cheri surprised me by opening it for me.  She was home alone.  I thought she'd went to bed hours earlier.  She told me that at about 3:00, 2 people woke her up screaming at each other.  She figured it would stop shortly but it didn't.  She went from one window to another to see where it was coming from, but couldn't even tell which direction it was, just that it was close.  She finally called the police and a few minutes later, the screaming stopped and the police drove by.  Minutes later she heard me fumbling around outside and thought it was too early for me to be home, but she looked out a window and saw that it was me, so she let me in.  She was worried that as angry as the screaming sounded, somebody might get hurt, but we haven't heard anything, so I assume the cops quieted them down.  It was pretty cold out, to be standing around screaming but there they were.  So somebody had an interesting Valentine's Day.  John

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