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AngryEMail scams

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by » Tue Mar 17, 2020 01:18 pm

Would you believe I have received several scam emails the last couple days claiming to be from medical insurance companies, thanking me for ordering the Corona insurance and asking me to view the attached invoice? I suppose they wasted no time trying to infect computers and rob people. Do not fall for them when you start getting them. Ever accept any emails are from any company you do business with. If you believe it is:

  1. If they did not use your full name and account number it is most likely BS.
  2. If you still think it was from a business you use, call them with the phone number YOU have on a paper bill and verify.
  3. NEVER NEVER NEVER open ANY attachment sent in ANY email you are not absolutely sure of.

Don't be scammed by people trying to steel from you or make money off you, ever.



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re: EMail scams

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by » Tue Mar 17, 2020 05:21 pm

  So they're trying to infect our computers with the Corona virus too.  I have to admit, I rarely use Email anymore.  I have to on rare occasion but otherwise, whenever I check it, it's full of nothing but spam.  Cheri uses it sometimes though.  I'll remind her to just get rid of it.  My favorite, a long time ago, was an Email that told you how to go into your registry and delete this weird looking icon because if you had it, your computer was infected.  Of course, the icon was to a critical Windows registry and when you deleted it, Windows fell apart.  So much easier than designing a virus, get everyone to destroy their own computer.  John

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