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re: Wrinkle

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by » Tue Apr 07, 2020 03:45 pm

Let us hope poison ivy does not become airborne. ;)

(hey, poison ive cigaretts!)


Glad it is something as simple as poison ivy! And if you are a bit worried about the drug store, use the drive through. :)


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by » Tue Apr 07, 2020 03:27 pm

There's a new wrinkle in my situation.  (Not on me.  Those are just the same old wrinkles.)  Karly, our "sort of" granddaughter, was living with us while she went to school.  During the spring break we took her to her Mom's.  Then the virus came out and school was canceled so, she just stayed at her Mom's.  Well, she's back here now.  (Still no school, of course.)  And she had a nasty rash on her face and arms.  Her Mom thought it must be an allergic reaction.  I diagnosed it as poison ivy.  This morning we did a video conference with a doctor, (the only way you can talk to one now) and she agreed with me.  So, a trip to the pharmacy.  I'm not much worried about getting the virus, but now I have to worry about getting poison ivy!  John

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