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Now I need a break

re: Now I need a break

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by » Fri May 01, 2020 05:31 pm

I was used to the 6 year old bringing colds home from school but of course, she hasn't been to school in over a month, and they never get to go anywhere so I don't know where they got it, unless it was from their Mom.

I don't think I'm any worse today.  Like most colds do, it's moved from my chest to my nose.  Cheri took my temperature yesterday and it was actually 2 degrees below normal.  Checked it twice to be sure because who would believe that?

To me, taking care of myself means "bulling" my way through everything.  My yard needs mowed really badly but in this case, I might wait till tomorrow.    John

re: Now I need a break

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by » Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:18 pm

John, please take care of yourself!  Those little kids just love sharing their germs with you!  hahaha!

Being only eight miles from O'Hare airport, it's been eerily quiet. 

My friend in the hospital with the virus...her daughter has to make a decision Sunday whether to remove the ventilator and think the oxygen too.  Doesn't sound good. 



Peggy, Laila and Angel Minchie

re: Now I need a break

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by » Thu Apr 30, 2020 04:12 pm

Thanks David.  I don't really feel much worse today, just different.  Cough doesn't seem as consistent but the nose is starting to drain.  Throat was only irritated when I first woke up.  I'm kind of tired out but if today were my day on the treadmill I'd still do it.  I only slept about 5 and a half hours last night then couldn't get back to sleep, or I would have.  I always figured that from zero to 30 you were young, from 30 to 60 you were middle-aged and after 60 you were old.  I've passed the "old" mark now but haven't quite reached the arbitrary 65 mark where they say I'd be in more danger.  I've never really been worried about it but it is a weird time to be sick because every symptom makes you wonder.

I hardly ever went anywhere and never touched anyone else.  The closest people I came in contact with were on the other side of glass so I can't imagine how I'd have got it but at the same time, I can't imagine how I got anything.  I never noticed it before but Cheri's grandkids do seem to have minor colds, so that may very well be the source.  Anyway, I'm just not worried about it.

The Stealth bombers are based just a few miles from me, as are the A10 Warthogs.  I see the Stealth occasionally but I don't usually hear them unless they're pretty close or moving pretty slowly, in which case they're insanely loud.  The "Warthogs" fly 2 at a time every day to another base for target practice, then back.  I used to see them every day over Versailles but I think they pass south of me here.  The Stealths look enormous and very futuristic, like giant, black, mechanical bats.

The band is scheduled to play on May 26 and they're counting pretty heavily on it.  I'm thinking, "Yeah, well, we'll see".  I'm a little more pessimistic.  John

re: Now I need a break

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by » Wed Apr 29, 2020 06:06 pm

Hi John,

It worries me you feel sick. Seniors (not proclaiming you, me or anyone is) do not generally get the cough and tend to me very sleepy and sometimes have a fever. My mom is like that, she is disorientated, sleeping a lot and sometimes has a lowgrade fever, but no cough. Oh and a new symptom just added to the list, it can make you want to use a tredmill (kidding).

I spoke to mom today briefly. She is very disorentated and tired, so it was a fast call and I let her go and rest. She is obviously fighting it since she is 2.5 weeks into it now.

Did you see the news today about the vet nursing hom in MA that had over 80 vets die?! It is so freaking sad. The population most at risk seems to be the one the states are trying to harm;by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID patients in NY//NJ, not supplying them with protection gear in MA and NY/NJ and more. There are going to be a lot of lawsuits soon in a lot of states.


I heard the military would be going flyovers around the country. We get too many super loud helicopters that fly from Helena to Great Falls and they follow the Missouri river. We get at least 5 to 9 a week and they are LOUD! The house will sometimes shake as they fly over. I hate it.


You take care of yourself! 

Your friend, David

re: Now I need a break

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by » Wed Apr 29, 2020 05:41 pm

Sometimes things just go like that.  It can't be an emergency, it has to be 3 emergencies.  Are you in a little better contact with your Mom now?  Must be enormously frustrating but I'm sure it helps to have someone close by.

I miss having a garage, although I remember having enough trouble with the door.  It was an electric door but it was too slow and noisy and I never did like it.  In fact I disconnected it.  I can't imagine why your door is so heavy, unless it's a double door.

Half of my floor is concrete and part of it is wood.  My washer and dryer sit on the concrete part.  My water heater is kind of on the edge and there's no telling what kind of problems that might cause.

As of last night my county had 31 cases of the virus.  I knew the numbers would shoot up when they started more comprehensive testing but I was hoping they wouldn't go that high.  I've got something now and I can't imagine where I got it.  I haven't really gone anywhere or come in contact with anybody except Cheri, who seems just fine.  Whatever I've got started with bronchitis and this morning my throat was a little dry and irritated, and I'm a little tired out but I really don't feel too bad.  Yesterday I did the treadmill even though I didn't much feel like it but it didn't seem to hurt anything.  (I never much feel like it anyway.)  No fevers or chills or anything like that.  I can't imagine it's THE virus and nobody else has anything.  Cheri's grandson brought home a cold from last week but he was over it in a few days.  I suspect that's what I got.

Yesterday the Air Force base sent over 4 fighter jets, (I couldn't tell what kind) 2 A10 "Warthogs" and the Stealth bomber to put on a quick show for the hospital.  Those Stealth bombers are noisy as hell and I'm not sure how great an idea that was but I imagine they appreciated it.  The hospital is maybe 5 or 6 blocks from me.  I'll be so glad when this is all over, mini-air shows notwithstanding.  John

re: Now I need a break

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by » Wed Apr 29, 2020 01:18 pm

Thanks Peggy. :)

I do have to say, there is a point where you wonder.... Yesterday I had to rush home to meet the water cleanup guy. After he left and the washer repair guy left, I was going to run back to work. I went to the garage and it would not work. The door could not open. Now the damn big spring that sits above the door to give it the balance so it can be opened/closed with ease broke. Just snapped in 2. The metal lines that sonnect tot he bar the spring is on of course lost all tension and just are now drapped down. Without the spring I could not get the door open! I had to use a metal bar to pry it up enough to het a jack under it and jack it up anouth to fit something under to hold it then put the jack on a platform and jack more and repeat till I got it up all the way then reattached it to the garage door opener coil to hold it open. Then I was able to get the SUV out and when I released it I tried to hold it and let it down slowly, but it was like a ton and amost broke my arm and slammed down. *Sigh* So now I'll need to deal with that next. I am starting to wonder if gremlins exist and are having fun at my house for a bit. ;)

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