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Sometimes you have to wonder....

re: Sometimes you have to wonder....

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by » Sun Sep 16, 2018 08:41 pm

I never would have thought of a shelter letting them have pets. So sorry about the ones lost in the other shelter but so glad you did what you did when you did.  John

Sometimes you have to wonder....

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by » Sat Sep 15, 2018 08:44 pm

Sometimes you have to wonder....

Each month I bring supplies, food, books and clothing to the homeless shelter in town. Today was this months day. While I was at the CostCo picking supplies, I decided to get a 50lbs bag or dog food and a 20lbs bag of cat food. Why? I know that it is possible for them to take in someone with a pet and I like to bring animal chow from time to tome, but it had been at least 6 months since I have done so.

When I got there and was in the office talking to the guy who runs it on the weekend, I saw a black dog (face reminded me of sort of a bull dog) and a long hair grey cat laying on a chair. I asked about them. The dog belongs to someone who was staying at the shelter and he could not take the dog when he left for a while, so they are watching him. The cat? Seems there was a shelter (people) in town that I did not know of, it burned down the other week and many people there had pets! Some animals did die, but the cat was from there and no one knows who it's owner was/is. It was a very sweet kitty too! They had no litter box, the cat walks out of the front door, does his business and comes back! Also, a charity organization in down called Pad for Paws, who usually brings food and pet supplies to th shelter, has NOT for weeks! I brought the food when they needed it for the animals there the most!

I stayed for a while talking and petting the cat and dog and talking to all three. Then I got my receipt and left, deciding I'll stop by next weekend to check on the kitty (who they are calling buster, though I would have gone with smokey).

I am just happy that at a time most needed, I had decided to buy the food and bring it, for no spcial reason.


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