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Feeding the kids?

re: Feeding the kids?

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I know, I'm the same way.  If it's evidence of a design, I figure it's a design flaw.  To put it all in perspective though, a scientist once claimed that it was never the age of fish, never the age of the dinosaur or the age of the giant mammals.  It's not even the age of man.  It's the age of bacteria.  It always has been and always will be.  Bacteria is at the top of the food chain and we spend our whole lives fighting it off.  John

Feeding the kids?

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Saturday I saw something that I have never seen the likes of before. There was a large hawk off the road about 50 feet with 3 smaller hawks (which I took as it’s kids (hawklings?)). It was standing over a dead FOX as the smaller ones are. I was assuming it was teaching them and they are old enough to not sit in the nest and be fed. I know all animals must eat, but it did bother me. The opposite (Fox and children feasting in a big Hawk) also would have bothered me. The circle of life always seems to be upsetting to one side and good for the other, no matter where you stand looking at it.



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