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by » Sun Oct 21, 2018 02:36 pm

Well, I mowed the yard yesterday which is none too remarkable in itself, except that I thought it was late enough in the year I might get away without doing it anymore.  It was just getting too shaggy to ignore.  It was 62 degrees, (16C) which wasn't bad but it was windy and I worked up a sweat, and the wind made it feel pretty chilly.

I changed the furnace filters about a week ago, and last night was our second hard freeze of the season.  It's been kicking on and off, of course.  This morning my freshly cut grass had frost all over it.  I'm not really sure but this might have been the latest I've ever mowed.

Van Gogh always sleeps next to me in bed but as the weather has cooled, she's started sleeping right in front of my face.  It's been years since I had a cat lay in front of my face like that.  I kind of missed it.  John