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by » Fri Nov 02, 2018 04:06 pm

Thanks David.    We've temporarily got a 5 year old that we spoil like, well, one of the cats!  We bucked tradition this year and in fact, I think the traditions are fast changing.  Sunday we went to one of the numerous "pumpkin patches" around.  There were bouncy houses everywhere and she spent hours in those.  There were tricycles to ride, a bin full of corn to play in, (we later found corn in the car and in the bed!) a small petting zoo.  There was some questionable food and she got to go on a miniature horse ride.  (The horses were well cared for and got plenty of rest, food and water between rides.)  There was also an explosive "pumpkin chunker", which scared her until she got used to it, and was really pretty impressive.  There were "haunted hay rides" but they were far too crowded and we didn't go on those.

After the "pumpkin patch" we went "trunk-or-treating".  "Trunk-or-treats" are usually held in church parking lots.  More food and hot chocolate, a ride in little wagon trains painted like cows, lots of elaborately decorated trunks giving out treats and, another hour in a bouncy house.

Halloween afternoon, at least 4 more "trunk-or-treats", including one through all the downtown businesses.  Lots of smiles and laughter Sunday and Wednesday.

I think the traditions may be changing because there are more "trunk-or-treats" every year, and fewer neighborhood treaters.  They're safer, far more convenient, and all done before sundown.  No more driving through dark neighborhoods, dodging zombies and princesses with the car.  When we got home a good hour before dark, we turned on the lights and were ready to hand out treats, but there wasn't one treater.  I'll miss that part of it but I think the changes are really for the best.  John

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by » Thu Nov 01, 2018 07:25 pm

Happy Halloween.


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by » Wed Oct 31, 2018 03:31 pm

Happy Halloween!  John

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