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re: Orion

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by » Thu Feb 21, 2019 04:19 am

I am so sorry orion is having issues....this is the low side of loving our furkids.  Rest and get well, feel better Orion.


re: Poof

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by » Sat Nov 03, 2018 06:01 pm

I had a nice, reasonably short reply all typed out and just as I sent it, the electricity flickered, the internet went out, and my reply was lost to cyber-space.  The long and the short of it was, I sincerely hope Orion gets better.  John

re: Poof and Orion update

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by » Sat Nov 03, 2018 04:15 pm

Hi John,

I am sorry about Poof. I so wish we all did not have to know this pain. It is sometimes so hard to think of how long it has been and how it still hurts. It was been 14 years since that horrible May when we lost Itchy, Copycat and Electra and I still cray when I talk about any of our fur-kids. The eating part is something I do as well and just when very upset. You know I lost alomost 65lbs a couple years ago because i wanted to control diabetes and my low was about 150lbs. With all happening with Orion the last 9 days, I hit 143lbs now because I stopped eating well. Which leads me to an orion update:

He either has pancreatic cancer or severe pancreatitis. He was running a high fever and had to stay in the hospital several days, and I visited him a lot. He has been to the vets almost every day. Thursday we were with him at the ver in tears and had given the okay to let him go. The vet had agreed the day before that it was not fair to have him like this and it was likely time. We cannot do a biopsy to see if it is cancer as he tests bad for anesthesia and has a grade II (what ever that means) heart murmer and with him SO sick it would be unfair to do something so invasive. He is down a lot in weight the last week (likely 15 to 20% body weight) and has been spewing diarrhea of basicly bile and blood and puking the same. He has been severly dehydrated and has had to get fluids several time now as well. BUT after we decided it was time, the vet said that he felt Orion showed a very minor tick upward and asked us to wait a day or two to see if he is responding to treatment. He is a little (not much) better and has been at home (where I feel he is happiest). When we can get him to eat 5 to 30 pieces of kibble or a few licks of babyfood (turkey and broth) we are happy. Last night and this morning was the first time his diarrhea  has not contained either a noticable amount of bile (by smell and sight) or blood and has turned to a tan/brown as opposed to the green/red. He SEEMS to have no fever today but is still very lethargic and sick, BUT does get up and come out ouf the bedroom sometimes now. I have no clue what will happen now and it is likely we are near the end, but definate if he does not start to eat and the pancreas to start returning back to a more normal state (which won't happen IF it is cancer). If we can get this under control for now (IF) then he will always have issues and we will have to be very careful, but it is still a hope that he is not at the end over the next week. For now remains very very sick, but ahppy to be cared for at home.


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by » Fri Nov 02, 2018 04:44 pm

18 years ago today, I lost Poof.  Poof was my first.  I knew when the day came, that I'd be devastated but I really wasn't prepared for how deep and severe the pain would be.  For days afterward I'd hide in the garage so the crying wouldn't bother anyone.  It wasn't silent tears.  It was a week before I could eat again.  For years afterward, the tears would come out of nowhere.  I could be driving down the highway and there they'd be.  Fighting back the tears on stage could be the hardest and as soon as I could get off by myself I'd cry rivers.

I know everyone here has been through it and knows exactly how it feels.  After Poof, taking care of so many ferals and bringing as many inside as I could, (15 outside and 7 inside at one point) over the years I lost so many for various reasons, I honestly can't count them.  Every one of them brought pain and every one of them brought tears.  Despite the numbers I never got numb to it, but that first loss was the hardest.  I'm not at all sure I could live through something like that again.  John


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